Greg Swan

Greg graduated from CSU Sacramento with a degree in International Relations. After teaching English in Istanbul, he returned to California to pursue writing about tech and digital marketing.

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facebook attribution

Facebook Attribution: A New Tool To Track Cross-channel Conversions

Facebook has just released Facebook Attribution that tracks engagement with Facebook ads to give advertisers a clearer picture of their customer journey across multiple… > Read More

google showcase shopping

Showcase Shopping Ads: Setup & Optimization Guide

Since their release over two years ago, Google Showcase Shopping ads have become a powerful ad format that enables brands to insert themselves earlier in the… > Read More

x doria amazon capx bid automation tool data reporting tool

How X-Doria Achieves Omnichannel Success In Competitive Smartphone Tech Market

Ever since Apple kicked off the smartphone revolution back in 2007,  demand for accessories to protect, enhance, and stylize our seemingly inseparable devices… > Read More

google adwords demographic targeting

How to Use Demographic Targeting in Google Ads

Demographic targeting in AdWords (now known as Google Ads) is critical for reaching your target audience. Too often advertisers place so much emphasis… > Read More

Google Testing Video In Showcase Shopping Ads & New “Discover Ads”

We’ve recently sighted some exciting changes to Showcase shopping ads as well as a new “Discover Ads” that display within Google’s News feed. For… > Read More

Complete Guide to Amazon Headline Search Ads + 7 Optimization Tips

Headline Search Ads (now known as Sponsored Brands) are the first thing a shopper encounters when searching for products on Amazon’s Marketplace. Although… > Read More

facebook relevance score

How to Boost Your Facebook Relevance Score

The Facebook relevance score is an important indicator of how well your ads fit your target audience when compared to your competitors. Much like… > Read More

average order value

Why Average Order Value (AOV) Matters & How to Calculate It

Average order value is a critical metric for all data-driven businesses to keep track of if they want to scale their profits and… > Read More

ads and info section facebook

How to See Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads

Facebook just added a new “Info & Ads” section that enables anyone to view all of the active ads on a Facebook page—meaning… > Read More

Q4 Facebook Advertising Best Practices & Advanced Strategies

The Q4 shopping season is here — and if you want to capitalize on the increased opportunity for business, you will need to… > Read More

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