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AddShoppers Adds New Video Explaining Their Free Social Analytics Tool

We usually don’t support services unless we’ve given them a thorough inspection for quality and value. AddShoppers provides both. The social analytics dashboard… > Read More

Top 50 Online Marketing Ad Programs

1.Google Shopping/ Product Listing Ads (PLAs) Date Founded: December 2002 (originally known as Froogle.) Interesting Facts: Google Product Search was Google’s free shopping program…. > Read More

New Page Published On The Product Listing Ads Guide: CPA Campaigns

Did you know you can set up Google Shopping to be a commissioned-based program like Ebay or Amazon? Well, you can, and we… > Read More

The CPC Strategy Book Club

Knowledge is power. The old-saying has weathered the test of time because of how true it is. At CPC Strategy, we like to… > Read More

Youtube For Ecommerce? New Google Feature Has Sellers Licking Their Chops

Chris Crum at WebProNews reports: Google announced a feature for YouTube, which could prove to be a pretty big deal in ecommerce. They’re… > Read More

The Complete E-commerce Conference Guide

Ecommerce Conferences: Intro We’re here today with an awesome guide which gives you the REAL scoop on what ecommerce conferences are worth their… > Read More

Is This The Best You Can Do? [Seth Godin Blog]

Seth Godin, speaker, author, and marketer extroardinaire, is on my revolving door of blogs that I check once every blue moon. Some people… > Read More

Start An SEO Strategy From The Ground Up [QuickSprout Blog]

Heard of Neil Patel? Yes? Good. No? Bad. This guy is an expert marketer and he puts out some killer blog posts that… > Read More

Which is Better, Google Shopping or Amazon Product Ads?

Almost as fierce as the Android vs. Apple debate is the Google Shopping vs. Amazon Product Ads debate. Brand loyalty aside, which comparison… > Read More

Why Are You Doing What You’re Doing?

What’s the purpose behind the task at hand? Why have you planned the strategy you are currently executing? Why are you working the… > Read More

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