10 Best Free Instagram Analytics Tools of 2018

No matter what platform or marketing tool you’re using, tracking your metrics and analyzing your results is the key to success.

Not only does it allow you to hone in on what’s working, but it also helps you dial into what’s not – and even how to fix it and get back on track.

But in today’s digital day and age, analytics tools run the gamut – and many come with a hefty price tag to boot. Which ones are worth the cash? Which ones will deliver the biggest ROI in the end?

10 Instagram Analytics Free Tools

If you’re looking for Instagram analytics, the answer’s zero.

Instagram marketers actually have dozens of powerful metrics tools at their disposal – and some of the best ones don’t cost a cent.

Here’s a few of the Instagram analytics free tools that are available:

1. Instagram Insights

These are the built-in insights you get with your Instagram business account. Through Insights, you can see basic stats about your posts, profile views and conversions.

You can also get data on Instagram Stories, including reach, website clicks and more, as well as deep-dive info about your audience, like their location, gender, busiest time of day, etc.

2. Simply Measured

For being a free tool, Simply Measured is pretty thorough. It offers three reporting areas and super deep-dive stats about engagement.

You can see total engagement, engagement as a share of your total followers, and how that engagement measures up to past posts. You also get a scorecard that ranks your Instagram performance for any given time period.

3. Iconosquare

Formerly known as Statigram, this is one of the oldest tools out there. It has follower growth charts, shows you your most-liked photos over time and calculates your average likes and comments.

You can even add in other social media channels to help improve cross-channel engagement.

4. Union Metrics

This tool isn’t as thorough as some other out there, but it’s simple to use and can help you hone in on when to post, what hashtags to use and what type of content to focus on.

One cool thing about Union Metrics is that it tells you your “biggest fan” and reminds you to engage with your followers.

5. Squarelovin

Squarelovin’s “worst time to post” stat is a super helpful one that few other tools offer, and it even breaks those times down by day.

The tool is also great at helping you break down your account performance over time, and you can even see how using different filters affect your post performance.

6. Socialbakers

If you’re a visual person, Socialbakers might be the tool for you. It gives you a free, visual report that breaks down your most popular posts, hashtags, filters and more. You also get a handy chart showing your post distribution over the past 12 months.

7. InstaFollow

This tool is your key to managing your followers. It helps you track new followers and those who’ve recently unfollowed you, and it even tells you who you follow that doesn’t follow you back. Use it to determine what content drives followers away or who you need to spend more time engaging with.

8. Pixlee

Pixlee gives you free weekly reports on your account performance and also helps you hone in on potential influencers you can use to promote your brand. There’s also robust day-to-day data, showing your follower growth, hashtag popularity and more.

9. Crowdfire

Previously named JustUnfollow, this app helps you find potential new followers by locating users who are relevant to your current followers, content and hashtags. You can also identify inactive users and unfollowers.

10. Websta

If you’re managing separate accounts, Websta lets you create three custom feeds from which you can post, reply to comments and interact with followers. You also get post- and audience-level insights on all accounts.

You may want to use more than one of these tools to gather the most comprehensive, actionable data on your account.

Consider using at least one follower tool to help you hone in on the right engagement strategy, and then another tool to shed light on your content and filter performance. Be sure to check in at least weekly to gauge your performance.

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