Amazon Inventory Planning for Holiday Shopping

Amazon Inventory & Incremental Revenue Strategy

With the Q4 shopping season only a few short weeks away & FBA fees increasing, it’s an absolute MUST for Amazon sellers to begin their inventory preparation to maximize turnover & avoid stockouts.

In order to help better prepare professional Amazon sellers, we’ve brought in the inventory management gurus over at Webgility and SkuVault to help sellers strategize their products, campaigns, prices & profits for Q4.

On Wednesday, September 7 at 11am (PST), CPC Strategy will host a webinar on how to use your Amazon data to convert inventory into incremental revenue.

amazon inventory

Event Agenda:

  • What’s Going on & Where are you Today?
  • Strategic Inventory Management for the Holidays
  • FBA Fees are Going Up – Will you be Prepared?
  • A Deep Dive Into Historical Data & What We’ve Learned
  • Financial Intelligence for Professional Amazon Sellers
  • LIVE Q&A

Inventory Planning for the Holiday Shopping Rush


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