How to Measure the Effectiveness of Branding Campaigns

Live Q&A with Branding & Attribution Experts

If asked to “grow brand awareness through digital marketing”, would you know where to start?

Many brands & retailers fail to effectively measure the success in branding campaigns because they lack clear goals & structure. Therefore, they find themselves spending precious ad dollars with nothing to show for it.

On Wednesday, March 23 at 11am, Lew Brannon and Kristan Ostrom, Retail Search Managers at CPC Strategy will host a 60 minute live Q&A on how brands & retailers can leverage digital to drive brand awareness & e-comm growth.
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Live Q&A: Submit Questions in the Form

Suggested Question Ideas Include:

  • How do I set appropriate and actionable branding goals?
  • How to grow exposure with YouTube, Facebook & Gemini advertising?
  • What are the key performance metrics to consider?
  • How do I create an effective attribution model?



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