How to Generate a Higher ROI with Amazon Marketing Services – Course

Enhance Brand Discoverability & Product Demand

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) provides vendors with a number of different tools to help them stand out against their competition and drive traffic back to product detail & branded pages, but in order to see a stronger ROI, vendors must be able to leverage the different AMS ad types to their full potential.

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On Wednesday, November 18, 2015 at 11am (PST), Marketplace Channel Analyst at CPC Strategy David Cooley & Director of Account Management Jeff Coleman will dive into how to leverage AMS & strategies behind the three ad types.

This course is designed for Amazon vendors & sellers who have access to Vendor Central/AMS.


Topics Discussed Include:

  • What is Amazon Marketing Services – “The Basics”
  • Ad Placement within the Amazon SERP
  • Leveraging Headline Search Ads to Increase Visibility
  • Utilizing Product Display Ads to Target Competitors
  • Sponsored Products Keyword Targeting
  • Live Q&A


Generate a Higher ROI with Amazon Marketing Services





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