How the Super Bowl Made Us Love Ads: Lessons for Marketers [Infographic]

The Super Bowl has evolved from a sporting event to a national holiday. Alongside the excuse to indulge, brands have leveraged the Super Bowl to get watchers excited to watch commercials, and engage on social media.

What can Big Brands and Advertising techniques teach marketers? Check out the infographic below to learn about how consumers and brands interact with the Super Bowl:
2015 superbowl advertising and search

Super Bowl Statistics for Marketers

  • 30% of Super Bowl watchers are there for the ads, not the game
  • Half of those watching the Super Bowl would share brand posts on social media

Unless you’re Budweiser, it may not be tangible for your online store or brick and mortar to purchase an ad during the super bowl. That doesn’t limit your opportunities to learn from the big guys.

Reference the resources below for additional tips on how to leverage and learn from the Super Bowl:

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