Is SEO on Google Dying? [Infographic]

Nearly 68% of all Internet searches are conducted on Google. Google search is a powerful medium for businesses to reach new customers. However, many businesses fail to execute a successful search engine marketing campaign because they don’t realize the importance of organic search results.

This infographic from Inbound Marketing Agents highlights behavior patterns Google users follow. Here are some key facts that illustrate the importance of organic search marketing:


  • 63% of Google users are more likely to click on an organic search result
  • 23% of users never clicked a Google ad
  • Only 2% said that they never click on the organic search results
  • 44% believe that companies displayed at the top of the organic search results are more
  • 59% are more likely to click on the top result in the organic SERPs than any other result

Google was founded nearly 20 years ago, but marketers are only recently beginning to understand the importance of reaching customers through the organic search results. Marketers that understand consumer behavior will implement more effective strategies. The results of this study will provide some important insights to help companies understand the importance of reaching customers through organic search marketing.


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