Don’t Wait: The Time For Mobile Is Now [Infographic]

Mobile technology is rapidly changing the landscape of retail marketing. According to a recent poll from Gallup, mobile technology has driven many retail consumers to change their buying behavior. Prominent retailers failing to adapt may lose their edge to more responsive competitors with successful mobile marketing campaigns. The infographic below illustrates some of the mobile technology trends retailers should be aware of:

  • 79% of the largest 100 retailers have their own apps as part of their mobile marketing strategy
  • Half of retailers allow users to make in-store purchases with their apps
  • Only 4.55% of supermarkets have apps with purchase capabilities
  • In 2013, median sales of retailers with their own apps were $9.3 billion
  • Median sales of retailers with apps were 66% higher than competitors without apps



A recent poll from Pew Research shows that the proportion of American adults owning smartphones has increased from 33% to 58% between 2011 and 2014. These consumers are also more likely to use their smartphones to make purchases. Savvy retailers will need to recognize the trend and develop successful mobile marketing campaigns.

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