How Social Is Infiltrating the Super Bowl [Infographic]

My understanding of the Super Bowl revolves around fried food, commercials and puppies. That’s what I appreciate about the Super Bowl most honestly, that it transcends sports and everyone can enjoy some part of the game.

This year more than ever the Super Bowl is going beyond the traditional method of television broadcasting, and becoming a large part of the social activities online.

Check out this Social Super Bowl infographic for some interesting social statistics on the Super Bowl:


 Super Bowl Social Statistics:

  • 93% of people who watch the game will talk about ads
  • 1/4 viewers will post about Super Bowl ads on social before the game, more than half due to brand interest
  • 67% of game watchers will post on social during the game
  • Facebook is the choice outlet for Super Bowl posts, followed by texting

Will you be sharing on social during the game?

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