Drip Marketing [Infographic]

There are nearly 3x as many email accounts as there are Facebook and Twitter accounts combined. If you aren’t utilizing email marketing campaigns you’re missing out on 188 billion emails a day.

Within Email Marketing, Drip Marketing is a great strategy to coerce readers down the conversion funnel. The lovely people over at Pardot put together this helpful infographic which outlines why you should be using drip marketing, and the best way to do it:

The Basics of Drip Campaigns [INFOGRAPHIC] - An Infographic from Pardot

Why Should You Use Drip Market Campaigns?

  • Keep your brand top of mind for customers, regardless of where they are in the sales funnel.
  • Automates email sending for your marketing team.
  • Avoid snail mail promotions.


Drip Marketing Best Practices

  • Segment. Use online browsing behavior from users to tailor the emails you send to that group.
  • Segment based on where leads are in the buying cycle.
  • Remember that Drip Marketing is different from Lead Nurturing.
  • Create amazing content which is simple and engaging: What are your readers problems?
  • Always provide an unsubscribe link.


Drip Marketing Solutions Providers


 What type of email marketing campaign do you have?


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