Magento Feed Exporter: Send Data Feeds Directly From Magento

CPC Strategy Magento Feed Exporter

Ready to get more sales on your Magento store? Download CPC Strategy’s Magento Feed exporter, and generate data feeds directly from your Magento store!

Why The Plugin: Merchants Need To Send Feeds From Magento

Merchants need a reliable way to export their Magento product data feeds into a format which can be used for Google Shopping and the shopping channels.

We couldn’t find a suitable plugin for Magento feeds so we decided to build one ourselves. The result is the product featured here. We hope you like it!

How The Plugin Works: Generate, Export, Automate And Edit Your Data Feed

With the CPC Strategy Feed Exporter for Magento, you can:
  • Export your product data directly from your Magento store.
  • Create a data feed for all shopping listing services you want to use.
  • Automate feed generation to keep listings in sync.
  • Profit. Win. Smile.

Can’t wait to export your Magento store and list with CPC Strategy? We don’t blame you. You can download the plugin right now and get started today!

Generate data feeds from your Magento store


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