New Holiday Categories for NexTag

So NexTag didn’t quite follow on’s lead of reducing CPC rates, but instead have done the typical raising of rates, along with adding the following new categories for Q4:

  • Electronics / GPS Devices
  • Electronics / Accessories
  • Gifts / Gift Cards

GPS’s have been the hot products over the past year since prices have dropped considerably on them–it wasn’t too long ago that standalone systems were in the thousands of dollars range–and other than the what’s been going on in the economy lately, there’s little reason to think they won’t continue to be a hot gift choice.

About the AuthorTien Nguyen is a co-founder of CPC Strategy and deals with data feeds in his waking hours and often in his sleep. He spends his free time with Rubik's cubes while rooting for the underachieving Raiders and UCLA sports teams where he graduated with a mathematics/economics degree. See all posts by this author here.

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