Top 5 Amazon Sponsored Product Mistakes Draining Your Budget & Profits

Campaign Structuring – Conversion Rate Optimization – Lowering ACoS

Thursday, November 16th @ 11am PT

Do you find yourself asking any of the following questions?

  • Are my campaigns performing at their optimal level?
  • Why aren’t my Sponsored Product ads converting?
  • My ACoS is cutting into my profit margins—How do I fix this?
  • Why aren’t my ad placements sending enough traffic to my listings?

We find these types of questions come up A LOT with Amazon Sellers trying to maximize the performance of their Sponsored Product investments. Therefore we’re having former member of Amazon’s Seller Services team, Pat Petriello, and Top 250 Amazon Seller, Chad Rubin, demonstrate their proven methodologies for improving campaign performance.


Event Speakers

Pat Petriello

 Head of Marketplace Strategy200x100_cpcdtrategy

Chad Rubin

 Co-Found & CEO

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