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Google Shopping is never stagnant. Google Shopping is constantly changing and updating, often dramatically, such as the July 2012 Product Listing Ads paid transition. Death, taxes and Google shopping changes, these are things we can be sure of.

Regardless of its changes Google Shopping will continue to be a lucrative marketing channel for thousands of merchants. As the our #1 ranked CSE in Q4 2012 and Q1 2013 and the runaway leader in traffic and revenue, Google Shopping is definitely going to be a channel that every retailer should constantly be updated on.

Here are some resources that will help you stay in the know with Product Listing Ads. Click on one of the anchor links below to be taken to that section of the resource guide.

Twitter: Google Shopping Twitter Handles To Follow

News Blogs: Product Listing Ads Blogs To Follow

Product Listing Ads Guides/Additional Resources

Product Listing Ads: A Historical Library Of News, Tips And Resources From CPC Strategy Circa 2008


Twitter: Google Shopping Twitter Handles To Follow

These people are awesome at providing the Twitterverse with the latest and most pertinent Google Shopping news.  Even better, they’ll let you know about other ecommerce developments.

Danny Goodwin – @DannyNMIGoodwin – The main editor for Search Engine Watch, Danny Goodwin tweets out tons of great information on Google Shopping developments.

Google Adwords – @adwords – The Adwords Twitter Account posts Product Listing Ad webinars and other Google Shopping events for sellers.

Miva Merchant– @mivamerchant – This ecommerce platform frequently talks about Google Shopping to their sellers.

miva tweet

Danny Sullivan – @dannysullivan – The head of Search Engine Land, Danny Sullivan is a frequent poster about Google Shopping updates.

Rick Backus – @CPC_Rick – The CEO of CPC Strategy talks about Product Listing Ads almost daily.

rick tweet

Mary Weinstein – @MerryWhy – The Content Manager of CPC Strategy posts all of the latest CPC Strategy content on Product Listing Ads and also aggregates and tweets out Google Product Listing Ads content from other sources.

Chris Crum – @CCrum237 – Chris is an Editor at Web Pro News and one of the most knowledgeable sources on Product Listing Ads.

Ginny Marvin – @GinnyMarvin – Ginny Marvin covers Product Listing Ads news on Search Engine Land and often gets a jump on the latest stories about Product Listing Ads.

News Blogs: Google Shopping Blogs To Follow

These blogs not only cover Google Shopping/Product Listing Ad updates (in addition to a lot of other ecommerce sectors), but they contain a lot of resources like how-to’s, best practices, tutorials, and analysis.

Google Commerce Blog – The official Google blog for all commerce related activities which includes updates on Product Listing Ads.

Search Engine Watch – One of the most reputable search blogs around, Search Engine Watch is an awesome place to learn about Product Listing Ads.

Search Engine Land – This website battles Search Engine Watch for the best search news blog online. It’s a great source to use with Search Engine Watch.

CPC Strategy Blog (of course) – We pride ourselves in being the source of Google Shopping information for websites like Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land, and Practical Ecommerce, where we write and share exclusive information on Google Shopping. The reason we were able to secure these positions is because how reputable our content on Product Listing Ads has become on the CPC Strategy Blog.

Practical Ecommerce – A great source on ecommerce that frequently talks about Product Listing Ads and how merchants can take advantage of them.

Smart Insights Blog – This blog also talks about Product Listing Ads quite frequently.

Product Listing Ads Guides/Additional Resources

Want a comprehensive introduction to the paid Google Shopping model? – CPC Strategy Webinar with Google’s Jon Venverloh, Senior Manager of Google Shopping

Want to learn some Google Shopping best practices and conversion rate optimizations from the experts at Moz? –  CPC Strategy Webinar with SEOMoz

Want to learn how to optimize your PLA campaign like a pro? – Google Shopping: Product Listing Ad & Feed Optimization Tips and Best Practices

Want to learn how to optimize your PLAs some more? – Product Listing Ads: How to Maximize Your Returns

Want to avoid these common mistakes? – Google Shopping: 3 Lies Merchants Have Been Fed

Want to learn how to do PLAs from Google itself? – Google Shopping: Building a Better Experience

Want to learn more about uploading a data feed to Google Merchant center? – Google Shopping (Merchant Center)

Want to learn more about Google Shopping seller ratings? – Google Shopping (Merchant Center)

Product Listing Ads: A Historical Library Of News, Tips And Resources From CPC Strategy Circa 2008

May 2008:

How To Track Google Product Search Using Google Analytics

July 2008:

Sending more than 100,000 items to Google Product Search? Here’s How.

September 2008:

Google Shopping Accepts Shopping Feeds From and Shopzilla

October 2008:

New Feature Update: Google Shopping Asks For Tax And Shipping Data

November 2008:

Google Shopping Introduces A New Category Taxonomy

April 2009:

Google Shopping Active Products Bug [Fixed]

May 2009:

The First Instance Of Product Listing Ads? 

Google Shopping Terms Of Service Updated

June 2009

Google Shopping Now Requires Condition Attribute

July 2009

Google Shopping Displays Product Condition Publicly

September 2009

Google Base Becomes Google Merchant Center

October 2009

Google Base Search Page Retires

January 2010

Adwords Vs Product Search Vs Product Extensions Vs Product Listing Ads

March 2010

Merchants Must Verify Websites In The Google Merchant Center
Google Merchant Center Upload Issue [Fixed]

May 2010

Google Merchant Center Performance Report Blip
Google Merchant Center URL Verification Final Warning
Google Merchant Center Gets Minor Makeover

June 2010

Google Shopping Erroneous Product Counts

July 2010

Google Shopping Stiffens Up Product Listing Requirements
Merchant Best Practices with Google Product Search
Shopping Engine Spotlight: Google Shopping

August 2010

Google Aquires To Enhance Google Shopping

September 2010

New Electronics And Media Requirements On Google Shopping

October 2010

Google Shopping Gives Advertisers More Control

November 2010

The Future Of Google Shopping
Product Listing Ads Now Open To All Advertisers
Google Shopping Updates: Local Product Search, Mobile Google Shopping, and Product Recommendations

December 2010

5 Google Shopping Tips

January 2011

How To Optimize Your Google Shopping Product_Type Attribute
New Google Shopping Product Feed Warnings

February 2011

Google Instant Results Now In Google Shopping
Google Merchant Center Update: New Dashboard And Data Quality Graph

March 2011

Google Shopping Changes To Data Feed Specifications: Unique Product Identifiers, Shipping Information, Tax Information and the Sale Price Attribute
Google Shopping Traffic Drops Off

April 2011

Merchants Express Frustration At Google Shopping Traffic Drop
Google Sends Email About Shopping Feed Attribute Requirements
How To Contact Google About Google Shopping Feed Issues
Rich Snippets In Google Shopping Results
Google Shopping Bug – No Items Inserted [Fixed]
Google Robots TXT File Creates Issues For Google Shopping Images
Google Shopping Traffic Drop Off, March 2011
Reminder: New Product Feed Requirements Go Live On May 3rd

May 2011

Missing Unique Product Identifiers In Your Google Shopping Feed?

June 2011

Google Shopping, Adwords, Product Listing Ads, Product Extensions and Local In A Nutshell
David Weichel Talks About Google Shopping On The Hubspot Blog
Google Shopping Unique Identifier Requirements Are Now In Effect
Downloadable Reports Now Available In The Google Merchant Center

July 2011

Major Attribute Requirement Changes To Google Shopping Feeds To Take Hold On June 20
More Details On The New Google Shopping Unique Product Identifiers
How To Find UPCs on Google Shopping

August 2011

How To Make Changes To SKUs In Order To Send Google Shopping Feeds Globally

September 2011

New Google Shopping Result Pages On The Way
Google Shopping Product Feed Changes Go Live
New Google Shopping Attribute Enforcement Begins
New Google Shopping Design
Google Disapproving Feeds If New Requirements Are Not Followed

October 2011

Google Not Enforcing Merchant Requirements
Top 5 Reasons Merchants Get Suspended From Google Shopping
Google Shopping Variation Instructions Updated

November 2011

Where Do Google Merchant Reviews Come From And How Do I Get Some?
Google Suspends Accounts For Blocked Images?
New Google Shopping Accounts Limited To 1500 Products!

January 2012

How Do I Show Up Higher On Google Shopping?
How Do I SKU Up On Google Shopping?

February 2012

Google Shopping Warning: Don’t Forget Tax And Shipping!

March 2012

How To Set Up Google Product Ads In 60 Seconds!
Google Shopping Product Performance Report Update!

May 2012

Google Shopping To Transfer To A Pay Only Model!

June 2012

What You Need To Know About The New Google Shopping
Get A Free Copy Of Our New Google Shopping Guide!
Google Product Listing Ads FAQs
Google Shopping Redesign – Product Type Ads And Buying Guides
The Google Shopping Sponsored Box
The Countdown To Product Listing Ads Continues
No Dog Food On Google Shopping?! [Fixed]
More Google Shopping Changes To Look Forward To

July 2012

The 3 Things You Need For A Product Listing Ads Campaign
Google Shopping Crashes? Webmasters Report
New Google Shopping SERPs [Picture]
Free Google Shopping Clicks Drying Up Fast!
How To Track Product Listing Ads With Google Analytics
How To Set Up A Product Listing Ads Campaign Through The Google Merchant Center
Where Are Product Listing Ads Showing? [Video]
5 Things You Need To Know About Product Listing ADs

August 2012

New Product Listing Ads Book Released!
CPC Strategy Hosts Webinar On Product Listing Ads With Google’s Very Own Jon Venverloh!
Last Chance To Register For The Product Listing Ads Webinar With Jon Venverloh
Free Recording Of Our Product Listing Ads Webinar With Google
Google Merchant Center Now Separates Free Vs. Paid Clicks
Google Trusted Store Markup Now Visible On Google Shopping SERPs
Product Listing Ads: How To Increase Conversion With Unbounce
Product Listing Ads Webinar Questions Answered

September 2012

Amazon Won’t Pay For Product Listing Ads?
Google Merchant Center Doesn’t Show Click Data Past September 16 [Fixed]
New Google Shopping Ad Format
David Weichel Talks Product Listing Ads At SMX East

October 2012

New Google Shopping Catalogs  ‎
Google Shopping Turns Into Product Listing Ads On October 17
New Google Lightbox Ads?

November 2012

How To Implement Promo Text On Your Product Listing Ads
Find New Keyword Opportunities With Product Listing Ads
Product Listing Ads Conversion Rates Decrease In Q3 2012
Google Shopping Catalogs, 360 Images And Shortlists
Nii Ahene To Speak On Product Listing Ads At SES Chicago

December 2012

Google Merchant Center Now Visible In Adwords
Google Can Shut Off Your Campaigns Without Warning
Google Shopping China
Click Fraud On Google Shopping?

January 2013

What Was Google Shopping’s Conversion Rate In Q4 2012?
5 Ways To Increase Product Listing Ad Conversions
Google Shopping News: The Adwords_Publish Attribute
Google Quietly Releases Google Shopping For Suppliers

February 2013

Product Listing Ads Adwords Labels: How To Use Them
Google Shopping Vs Amazon Product Ads [Reports]
Winners: Google Shopping’s Q4 2012 Conversion Rate
How Product Listing Ads Stole Christmas
Why Did Google Shopping Conversions Slip In Q4 2012?

March 2013

Trouble With Adwords Support? Here’s How To Work With Them More Effectively!
A Google Marketplace In The Future?
What’s Better, Google Shopping Or Amazon Product Ads?
Google Shopping Re-Allows Wine And Spirits In SERPs!

April 2013

Product Listing Ads Best Practices
Product Listing Ads Webinar With SEOMoz: The Recording

May 2013

Product Listing Ads Traffic Doubles After Christmas!
We Just Published A 100-Page Guide On Product Listing Ads!
Product Listing Ads Tip: How To Create Price Buckets! [Video]
New Enhanced Product Listing Ad Accounts!
How To Set Up CPA Campaigns Released On The Product Listing Ads Guide!
Additional Resources Page Added To The Product Listing Ads Guide!
Rick Backus Talks About Product Listing Ads At IRCE Chicago 2013!

July 2013

Google Tests 16 Product Listing Ads On SERP: What Online Merchants Should Do

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