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The Google Shopping Guide: 2016 Edition

This new edition of the guide builds off of common best practices and discusses the strategies that are top-of-mind for online advertisers in 2016.
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Is Your PPC Agency Managing Your Product Feed?

The product feed is arguably the most essential piece to success on a Retail Search channel like Google Shopping. What ongoing customization is being applied to your feed?
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Product Buyability on Amazon: Increase Buy Box Ownership

Unpack the levers that drive product buyability on Amazon and learn how to maximize orders by increasing Buy Box ownership share and detail page conversion rate.
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Product Discoverability on Amazon

This white paper dives into how driving product Discoverability will fit into your Amazon selling strategy and the different levers that influence your ability to drive sessions.
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How to Become a Google Trusted Store

This white paper dives into why the program matters, breaks down the certification process step-by-step, and provides feedback from retailers who have already obtained the GTS badge.
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7 Questions to Ask Your PPC Agency

Cut to the core of the real value an agency will add to your PPC programs. This white paper is designed to assist you and your team in the evaluation of PPC and Digital Marketing agencies.
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The 2015 Guide to Fulfillment by Amazon

Understand the role that FBA can play in a seller’s Marketplace strategy and which products to leverage FBA for. This guide dives deep into an overview and analysis of the program.
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The Brand Manufacturer’s Retail Search Portfolio

The Brand Manufacturer’s Retail Search portfolio is a compilation and analysis of the channels where retail brands are seeing the best ROI in today’s dynamic shopping landscape.
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How a PPC Agency Can Complement Your Team

Many major retail advertisers are opting for the hybrid approach: having the in-house Marketing team work in conjunction with a digital marketing agency.
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How to Build Healthy Vendor-Reseller Partnerships

Increased CPC’s, poorly communicated guidelines around MAP, and unclear B2B & B2C strategies are all things to avoid within within a Vendor-Reseller Partnership.
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Evaluating Amazon’s Vendor Premium Services

In this white paper, we analyze aspects of Amazon’s Vendor Premium Services and provide vendors with insight on which programs are the most influential to grow sales on Amazon.
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The Google Shopping Guide: 2015 Edition

This 32-page resource will help retailer advertisers navigate Google’s ultra-profitable program and provide insight into what we’ve deemed as the key factors to success in 2015.
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Featured Webinars

The 2015 Virtual Summit for Amazon Sellers

The 3-day Virtual Summit for Amazon Sellers is designed to arm professional, large-scale Amazon sellers with advanced strategic insights that can drive performance on the Marketplace.
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Amazon Sponsored Products Strategy & Analysis

In this course we dive into how Sponsored Products works, how we’ve been successful in using the program for our clients, and why the program represents a huge market opportunity.
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Innovating Your Google Shopping Strategy for Q4

This thorough, practical course will walk through the most pertinent Shopping strategies that sophisticated retail Marketing Managers should test for the high-traffic season.
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How to Generate Product Reviews on Amazon

This 60 min. course, we discuss how product reviews impact organic rank, traffic, and conversions on Amazon and evaluate different methods sellers can use to generate product feedback.
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Product Ad Strategy for Retail Brands This Q4

In this high-level strategy webinar, we’ll discuss the best strategies for brand manufacturers and vendors to increase product visibility on top tier retail sites.
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Increase Proftability with Shopping Campaigns

CPC Strategy & Google team up to deliver a best practice-focused presentation on how to settle into the new Shopping Campaigns format and how to apply advanced ad visibility adjustments.
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Optimizing Adwords Text Ads For Retail

This course features CPC’s Director of Paid Search, discussing how retail advertisers can tweak text ad strategy with automation and campaign structures to get better ROI.
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Programmatic Buying for Retail Marketers

This 60-min. course dives into the setup process and launch strategy for programmatic media buying, and specifically, how retailers can leverage programmatic.
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Set up & Promote Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Facebook’s latest product advertising program could lead to groundbreaking revenue for retailers thanks to their advanced user-data and targeting capabilities.
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Increase Organic Search Visibility on Amazon

The ability for a third party seller to have offers seen on the Amazon Marketplace has become increasingly more difficult and pertinent as the competitive landscape has grown.
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The 2015 Google Shopping Virtual Summit

The 2015 Google Shopping Virtual Summit is a live 3-day course that’s designed to help Retail Search advertisers get the best ROI on Google Shopping.
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How to Drive Retail Conversions on Facebook

From mobile advertising to retargeting, we’ll discuss the strategies every retail advertiser needs to know in order to maximize their revenue generation on Facebook.
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Automation in Retail Search Advertising

Knowing when it makes sense to introduce automation into channel management is critical to scaling growth on avenues like text, Shopping, display, and social advertising.
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Google and CPC Strategy Pt 1: ISO Campaigns

CPC Strategy interviews at Google Headquarters, where we discuss how ISO Campaigns can improve your Google Shopping efforts.


CPC Strategy and Google Interview Pt 2: Attribution Modeling

CPC Strategy’s second interview at Google Headquarters, where we cover the future of attribution modeling for campaigns.


CPC Strategy and Google Pt 3: Google Shopping Management Software

CPC Strategy’s third interview at Google Headquarters, where we discuss what types of Google Shopping Management software can help you get an edge over the competition.


Multi-Channel Funneling

Director of Technology, Tien Nguyen, discusses Mutli-Channel Funneling within Google Analytics and how it influences your budgeting and marketing.


Amazon Sponsored Products

Nick Sandberg discusses Manual Campaigns, Automatic Campaigns, Bulk Operations, and strategy for vendors and 3P sellers on Amazon.