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Are you Wasting Ad Dollars & Seeing Low Conversions on Facebook?

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Optimizing Your 2018 Facebook Ad Campaign Performance


Targeting the Right Audience


Testing the Right Ad

Ongoing Bid & Campaign Adjustments

Targeting the Right Audience

For some Facebook advertisers, Custom Audiences are considered an absolute necessity to improve Facebook performance. But for many others, who don’t fully understand the sophistication of these unique targeting options, it’s going to be difficult to see improvement in your Facebook ad strategy.

  • Leveraging Facebook Insights, Google Ad Planner, and other 3rd party tools to understand current audience
  • Setup of lookalike audiences based on CRM and pixel data, interest-based audiences, video viewers, and fans
  • Utilizing website custom audiences for retargeting and new customer acquisition
  • Building out existing customer audiences using CRM data to re-engage

Testing the Right Ad

Although you may understand your ideal customer, you’re also competing with many other advertisers for their attention. Therefore, it’s essential to implement & test different ad types, copy & images to improve the performance of your Facebook campaigns.

  • Ongoing ad creation and optimization to drive towards your unique promotions, goals, and KPIs
  • Consistent setup of A/B tests around copy, creative, CTAs, and landing pages to optimize for target KPIs
  • Intake of your promotional calendar to align non-social promotions with social messaging and engagement
  • Automated product feed submission to Facebook to take advantage of Dynamic Ad targeting opportunities

Ongoing Bid & Campaign Adjustments

Even though your Facebook campaigns may be performing well today, that may not be the case in a few weeks. Therefore, you’ll need to continue to make the necessary bid & campaign adjustments to ensure your allocating your budget to higher performing campaigns & making adjustments the weak ones.

  • Dynamic budget allocation to proactively shift spend to effective campaigns while quickly iterating against unsuccessful campaigns
  • Ongoing ad creation and optimization to drive towards your unique promotions, goals, and KPIs
  • Audit the existing creative strategy and Facebook ad campaigns to understand trended performance over time

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– Jeff McRitchie, VP of Marketing | MyBinding

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