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Get Found on Amazon Increase Sessions to your Buy Box Offers on the Amazon Marketplace is designed to provide the most relevant and compelling product information on product pages and Amazon search. For Amazon sellers, the name of the game is getting more visibility on Amazon search (increasing Discoverability) and converting more detail page sessions into… > Read More

AdWords custom tracking URL

Google Introduces New AdWords Upgraded URLs

Today, Google announced updates to URL management within AdWords, including the limiting of steps needed for URL tracking parameters. Upgraded AdWords URLs Google’s AdWords URL update allows advertisers to better manage URLs within AdWords, with specific functionality for custom URL modifications for both attribution… > Read More

top product information management platforms

15 Leading Product Information Management (PIM) Software Solutions for Retailers

As your retail business expands, keeping track of product data can get increasingly more difficult. All the SKUs, descriptions, pricing information – it can get unwieldy fast. Fortunately, product information management platforms, or PIMs for short, can help you better manage that… > Read More

Google search success

What Does Success on Google Shopping Look Like in 2015? [Infographic]

This is a guest post by Angelica Valentine, Content Marketing Manager at Wiser, the leading pricing intelligence suite. Google Shopping is blowing up right now, so this serves as your reminder to get on it sooner rather than later. Last year, Product… > Read More

Google public data

15 Google Hacks For Paid Search Marketers

We all know Google is on the cusp of technology – but how far have they actually gone? From in-browser Lego building to public data mining, Google has a service for just about everything. 20 Little Known Google Tools Below are 20… > Read More

Adwords extensions

4 Ad Extensions You Need to be Using in Your PPC Campaigns [Video]

AdWords ads are an immense opportunity to increase conversions and clicks on Google, but within a very limited amount of space, and with stringent character limits. AdWords extensions are useful tools to increase visibility on search, customer trust, store perception, and ad… > Read More


The DL on the AdWords Previous Visits Extension

AdWords extensions are an opportunity for PPC advertisers to boost conversions, bolster branding, and increase SERP space on Google. There are quite a few AdWords extensions advertisers can utilize to optimize profitability and increase sales: Seller Ratings Annotations Sitelink Extensions Review Extensions Call… > Read More

2015 super bowl marketing lessons

How the Super Bowl Made Us Love Ads: Lessons for Marketers [Infographic]

The Super Bowl has evolved from a sporting event to a national holiday. Alongside the excuse to indulge, brands have leveraged the Super Bowl to get watchers excited to watch commercials, and engage on social media. What can Big Brands and Advertising… > Read More

task management tool for marketers

Monster List of (Mostly) Free Productivity Tools for Digital Marketers

Must Have Productivity Tools for Digital Marketers   Time Management Tools for Digital Marketers 1) Yast There are plenty of different time-tracking tools out there, but Yast  is one of the best, by far.  Its intuitive interface is easy to understand and simple to… > Read More

Valentines PPC strategy for Adwords

11 Ways to Sell More with PPC for Valentine’s Day

The average consumer spends roughly $166 dollars every Valentine’s, which isn’t surprising since 53% of women polled noted they’d end a relationship if they don’t get something from their significant other during the romantic holiday. Valentine’s Day may seem like a minor… > Read More

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