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How to Optimize Amazon Product Images

How to Optimize Your Amazon Content Optimizing your Amazon content is an intentional strategy that can have a direct impact on your product’s organic search ranking. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about the Amazon SERP and how it works. The Amazon search algorithm is somewhat… > Read More

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Google Increases Number of Reviews Required for Seller Ratings

Seller Ratings Policy Update and What It Means For Small Business Retailers Google has recently made it official that the number of reviews required for Seller Ratings to be shown on ads has increased from 30 to 150 over a 12 month… > Read More


Why CPC Strategy is Launching a Facebook Service Line

Facebook Performance Marketing Strategy Advertising on Facebook presents a unique opportunity because it’s a channel that can address every stage of the ecommerce conversion funnel—from brand awareness to generating revenue to creating loyal customer relationships. However, Facebook is a complex channel that has a very steep learning… > Read More

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How This British Brand Uses a Multichannel Selling Strategy to Reach International Customers

Victoria Eggs’ Successful Multichannel Selling Strategy Victoria Eggs isn’t just the name of a British designer. It’s also the name of her rapidly growing brand.  (And yes, it’s her real name.) In 2016, Victoria Eggs pulled in £125,000 GBP, roughly $166,705.63 USD—a… > Read More

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Leveraging User Generated Content Campaigns To Drive Facebook Sales

What are User-Generated Content Campaigns? Retailers understand the power of product reviews and customer feedback. But if you’re not leveraging user-generated content campaigns to drive engagement and conversions across social networks, like Facebook – it’s likely you’re missing on out a pretty… > Read More

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A Guide To Facebook Targeting Options

Facebook Targeting Options and How Retailers Can Utilize Them Retargeting is great as it allows advertisers to focus their attention on users who have previously shown interest in or engaged with their business at some point. But what about cold traffic or… > Read More


How to Use Facebook Call Tracking & Attribution to Drive Conversions

Facebook Call Tracking & Attribution When it comes to retail, one of the most important types of digital marketing data is also one of the most frequently ignored: phone calls. Consumers today live their lives on their smartphones, and marketers are allocating… > Read More

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How Will Ecommerce Sites be Affected by the Loss of Interstitial Ads?

Alternatives to Interstitial Ads for Ecommerce First Mobilegeddon, now Pop-up-geddon. OK, maybe Google’s recent declaration that intrusive mobile pop-ups will factor in negatively for ranking signals isn’t quite as big of a deal as Mobilegeddon was. However, many ecommerce sites that depend on… > Read More

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The 2016 Facebook Advertising Summit

Facebook Advertising Strategy for Retailers During the the Q4 shopping rush, social advertising can be a profit-sucking black-hole or it can be a major source of high ROI traffic for retailers & brands alike. Will your company simply line Facebook’s pockets with more… > Read More

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Amazon Inventory Planning for Holiday Shopping

Amazon Inventory & Incremental Revenue Strategy With the Q4 shopping season only a few short weeks away & FBA fees increasing, it’s an absolute MUST for Amazon sellers to begin their inventory preparation to maximize turnover & avoid stockouts. In order to help better… > Read More

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