How to Integrate Penny-Bidding into Your Google Product Feed

Benefits of Penny-Bidding in Google Product Feed Generally, when retailers submit their product feed to Google Shopping- they tend to exclude some of their less popular items. The thought process behind this is – “Why would I want to submit a product that… > Read More

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Promote Real-Time Holiday Discounts with AdWords Ad Customizers

AdWords Ad Customizers for Holiday Promos Most retailers will offer discounts, promotions and special offers throughout November and December – targeting shoppers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Ad customizers – (including the “countdown” feature) – are a great way to effectively communicate the timeliness of… > Read More


Seller Angst Over New Amazon Return Dissatisfaction Rate

Impact of the Amazon Return Dissatisfaction Rate Amazon sellers are experiencing difficultly with a new performance metric within the Amazon Seller dashboard called the “Amazon Return Dissatisfaction Rate”. The latest metric, introduced earlier this week measures customer satisfaction on how customer returns are processed. The rating is based on… > Read More

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Introducing Product Ads on Bing Mobile

Bing Shopping Campaigns: Holiday Updates Product Ads and Bing Shopping Campaigns (BSC) recently announced the update of several new features including the introduction of Product Ads on Bing Mobile. According to Frances Donegan-Ryan, Senior Marketing Manager at Bing Ads Global, her team is very… > Read More


Anticipate Sales Traffic With 2015 Google Shopping Holiday Calendar

2015 Google Shopping Holiday Calendar As retailers prepare for the busiest time of the year, Google has released a calendar that will help anticipate the largest online shopping days. Specifically, this calendar will advise marketers when they should be increasing budgets to capture the influx… > Read More


Optimize Your Google Product Feed in Time for Black Friday- Course

Advance Your Google Shopping Strategy Google Shopping will be a primary sales channel for many retailers this Black Friday, but in order to hit ROI targets and increase campaign profitability, retail marketers need an advanced product feed optimization strategy. On Wednesday, November… > Read More


How New Dynamic Search Ads Will Impact the Future of Advertising – Video

New Dynamic Search Ads Features The New Dynamic Search Ads use Google’s organic web-crawling technology to automatically target relevant search queries based on a retailer’s website content. Dynamic Search Ads are useful for campaigns because they: 1) Help fill in the gaps in… > Read More


7 Campaign Settings To Reduce Ad Spend For PPC Text Ads

Best Practices For PPC Text Ads From ad copy to campaign settings, we’ve compiled a list of the best practices to optimize and improve your PPC Text Ads. When text ad campaigns are built according to best practices, they usually have higher quality scores…. > Read More


How Product Bundling on Amazon Can Reduce Your Buy Box Competition

What is Product Bundling on Amazon? Aside from the fact that product bundles on Amazon provide value to shoppers, they are also a unique strategy for sellers to reduce their Buy Box competition. As seen in the example below, product bundling is offering… > Read More


Study Reveals Top Online Shopping Destination for 2015

Study Reveals Top Shopping Destination As the retail revolution continues to break ground with the addition of new shopping channels – a recent study reveals Amazon is still the number one online shopping destination for holiday buyers in 2015. The study, conducted by CPC Strategy… > Read More

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