Yahoo Gemini Predicted to Grow Due to Search Partnership Alliance Renegotiation 

Yahoo Gemini Begins Search Ad Testing Yahoo predicts a potential shift of 30 to 60 percent of their click traffic from Bing Ads to Yahoo Gemini in the coming months thanks to the renegotiation of the search partnership alliance between Yahoo and Microsoft. The latest development could prove lucrative for Yahoo, thanks… > Read More


How to Add a User to Amazon Seller Central

Invite New Users to Amazon Seller Central When sellers first set up their Amazon Seller Central account, typically only the original registered user can access the features of Seller Central. Eventually, sellers may opt to share their account with others including a co-worker who wants to… > Read More


Selling Internationally on eBay: Features and Benefits for Retailers

Selling Internationally on eBay: How retailers expanding beyond U.S. markets can benefit Toys R Us, a multibillion, Fortune 500 has something in common with Gelb Music, a privately owned music store in Redwood, Ca. These distinct market players — one sells toys… > Read More


How to Evaluate Your ASIN Report in Amazon Seller Central

Extract a Story from the ASIN Report Creating and analyzing standardized reports is a standard, good practice for any advertising or sales channel – and this is especially true for Amazon. The approach defined here by Pat Petriello, Senior Marketplace Strategist at… > Read More


Digital Brand Designers For Nike & Porsche: metajive

The Future of Digital Brand Design Metajive is a full service digital studio that focuses on creating unique experiences for users, clients and employees.  Succinctly, that means they build anything with pixels, from commerce experiences to iOS and android apps as well as installations… > Read More


How to Use Google Shopping: Category Reports [Video]

Google Shopping Campaign Video Series Part 2: Category Reports In CPC Strategy’s Google Shopping Campaign Video Series, Lewis Brannon, Retail Search Manager at CPC Strategy explains how retailers can use insights within their Google Shopping Campaigns to aid in their search portfolio expansion efforts. Leveraging Google Shopping… > Read More


Facebook Dynamic Product Ads Live in Power Editor

Facebook Product Ads Live in Power Editor: The newest features of Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads are now available in Power Editor, an advanced tool that helps businesses manage multiple campaign ads. The latest product advertising program could lead to groundbreaking revenue for both the… > Read More


Google AdWords Announces New Automation Tools and Features

Google AdWords New Automation Features On Tuesday, Google Adwords event #StepInsideAdWords featured new mobile-friendly ad formats in dynamic search ads, display auto re-sizing and improvements to bid automation. “For shopping ads, we’ve been enhancing to improve the experience of those, ‘I want to… > Read More


Amazon Global Selling, the Top U.S. International Marketplace

Amazon Global Selling: Tools and Benefits for Retailers If retailers are looking to expand their business internationally, Amazon Global Selling is a great pick. With operations in ten international marketplaces — the United States, Canada, the U.K. Germany, France, Italy, Spain China, Japan, and… > Read More


Announcing the 2015 Google Shopping Virtual Summit

New Findings & Advanced Strategies for Retail As a high-volume, bottom-of-the-funnel product advertising channel and rapid customer-acquisition tool, Google Shopping is a program that merits a well-thought-out and sophisticated approach. Yet despite being top-tier Retail Search channel, there are no high-visibility events… > Read More

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