google trusted store

How To Apply To Become a Google Trusted Store

Google Trusted Stores certification has proven to be a clear differentiator in an increasingly competitive Google Shopping landscape. And now that Google has… > Read More

google maps promoted places beta

Google Maps Promoted Places Seeks To Drive In-Store Foot Traffic

Select retail brands are currently testing Promoted Places in Google Maps (closed beta) to showcase special offers & announcements in hopes to drive more foot… > Read More

How Retail Brands Can Predict Customer Lifetime Value

What if you were able to predict the items your customers are likely to buy, how much they’ll spend, even how often they’ll shop? Predicting… > Read More

man sourcing chinese manufacturers

Chinese Manufacturers: Sourcing Advice for U.S. Amazon Sellers

There’s a reason Chinese manufacturers are ranked #1 in the world. Many U.S. Amazon sellers rely on Chinese manufacturers to get cheap prices… > Read More


How Luxury Apparel Retailer Halsbrook Turns Browsers Into Avid Fans

In 2009, The Wall Street Journal came out with an article referencing the “forgotten market” online. They were referring women ages 35+–but especially the… > Read More


How Will Amazon Listing on Google PLAs Impact Advertisers?

Recently, you may have noticed running Google Product Listing Ads (PLA), as seen in the example below: According to Tien Nguyen, Director… > Read More

facebook advertising strategy

Facebook Advertising Strategy: Q1 Preparation

Most advertisers know, in preparation for the holidays, they’ll need to ramp their strategies up in Q4. And following that, most advertisers understand… > Read More


The 10 Best Facebook Ad Targeting Tips for Your Business

Did you know that Facebook now has more users (1.7 billion) than the entire population in China? That was just one of the… > Read More

customer loyalty program

How to Create a Killer Customer Loyalty Program

CRMRetail loyalty programs have evolved far beyond stamp cards. These days, the majority of consumers believe loyalty programs are a big part of their… > Read More

google shopping campaigns

Get More Out of Your Google Shopping Campaigns in Q1

Well, Q4 isn’t entirely over, but so far it’s been a record-breaking year for ecommerce. From 2014-15, we saw Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and… > Read More

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