SMART PPC Goals: How to Avoid KPI Red Flags & Low ROI

Google answers over 40,000 search queries, every second of the day- totaling 3.5 billion searches daily. Of those, AdWords Advertisers generated $14 billion in ad revenue in 2014. Paid Search campaigns with obvious errors, holes or a lack of optimization could be draining profitability from your… > Read More


Facebook on the Forefront of Retail Advertising with TheFind Buyout

With Facebook’s latest purchase of the personalized ecommerce search app TheFind, the social media giant now has access to comparison shopping technology with capabilities that could one day rival Google’s Shopping Platform. As employees from TheFind transition to Facebook – so does their advanced retail/product based… > Read More


How to Rank for Google’s New Mobile-Friendliness & App Index

Websites that are not mobile-friendly could suffer within Google’s search results due to the latest announcement to expand mobile friendliness as a ranking signal in April. According to Google’s announcement, “When it comes to search on mobile devices, users should get the most… > Read More


How to Get the Most out of Bing’s New Competitive Bid Opportunity Tool

Advertisers seeking a competitive edge on how to get their ads to show, now have access to Bing Ads’ Competitive Bid Opportunity, an advanced tool within their New Opportunities Tab. In August 2014, the New Opportunities Tab was introduced to US advertiser to help retailers optimize their best… > Read More


CPC Strategy Announces Website Relaunch

We are proud to announce not only the relaunch of our site, but our first major rebranding since we originally launched CPC Strategy over 8 years ago. Rick Backus, CEO at CPC Strategy highlights some of the newest features of the company website: Elevation… > Read More


The Pros & Cons of Implementing Amazon Payments on Your Ecommerce Site

As of March, Amazon is limiting related ad placements on product detail pages for Product Ads advertisers in the Apparel category. According to the announcement, any advertisers not participating in Amazon Payments will no longer be eligible for the related ads placement. However, any ads that are… > Read More


How to Assess the Profitability of Your Ad Positioning on Google Shopping

In CPC Strategy’s video, “Google Shopping – Why Is Bidding So Important?” CEO Rick Backus explains the algorithm behind ad positioning on Google Shopping and what practices can help get your products in the spotlight. In a follow up discussion, Jeff Coleman, Director of Retail Search at… > Read More


2015 Virtual Summit for Amazon Sellers Kickoff

Advanced Strategies and Insights for Professional Marketplace Sellers Today, we announce the start of CPC Strategy’s 3-day Virtual Summit for Amazon Sellers, designed to arm professional, large-scale Amazon sellers with advanced, strategic insights that can drive performance on the Marketplace. The 3-day long… > Read More


Will Retargeting Platform AdRoll Brave the Launch of Facebook Product Ads?

For nearly a decade, retargeting platforms like AdRoll have invested in building innovative technology to enable their advertisers to engage customers. According to AdRoll, generally 2 percent of shoppers convert on the first visit to an online store but retargeting brings back the… > Read More


Google Buy Button: Can the Search Giant Fulfill Retail’s Pipe Dream?

As Google enthusiasts continue to speculate about the anticipated “Buy Button”, industry experts share how they envision the program to function and how it will impact retailers. The rumored feature would challenge Amazon’s “one-click” ordering, transforming Google’s custom search empire into a dynamic marketplace. Tien Nguyen,… > Read More

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