Why Your Business Should Be Using Custom Goal Completions in Google Analytics

Conversions are typically the leading KPI most ecommerce business owners will monitor. But as expert advertisers in the PPC space, we understand that… > Read More

Headline Search Ads in Seller Central Now Available to 3Ps

Amazon recently introduced Headline Search Ads for Third Party Sellers in Seller Central. Although this is pretty exciting news for 3Ps there is… > Read More

Will Amazon’s New Refund Policy Destroy FBM Sellers?

Earlier this week, Amazon announced a new refund policy that could be the final blow to some Third Party Sellers on the Marketplace…. > Read More

9 Easy to Use Video Tools for Ecommerce Owners

Over the past few years, videos have gone from being a “nice-to-have” marketing tool to a downright requirement. With the rising popularity of… > Read More

Facebook Discover: The Latest Chatbot Program for Brands

Facebook has launched yet another new feature—this time in its corresponding Messenger app. Dubbed Facebook “Discover,” the feature lets Messenger users browse featured… > Read More

facebook advertising guidelines

Facebook Advertising Guidelines and Policies for Retailers

As an advertiser, it’s important you’re familiar with Facebook advertising guidelines—not only to ensure your ads are approved but also to prevent wasting… > Read More

coalition for better ads

What is the Coalition for Better Ads?

Ever get tired of the constant pop-up ads when shopping online? Sick of having videos auto-play in the background while you’re trying to… > Read More

amazon Q4 prep

How To Use Your Amazon Prime Day Data to Prep for Q4

In a couple months the Amazon Marketplace will be swarming with an influx of holiday shopping traffic. Q4 can be the most competitive… > Read More

What Can We Expect From Virtual Reality Advertising

With Google’s recent announcement that it now has a working virtual reality advertising prototype, the scramble to jump on the VR bandwagon is… > Read More

facebook live ads

Facebook Live Ads: How Facebook Video Monetization Works

Since its inception in April 2016, Facebook Live has become a phenomenon, allowing businesses and users to increase visibility, engage fans and call… > Read More

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