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snapchat new pixel retargeting

Snapchat Now Offers Pixel Retargeting–But Will It Be Enough?

It’s been nine months since Snapchat rolled out their Ads API and went public. So how are things going? It’s probably not a… > Read More

The Black Friday – Cyber Monday Ecommerce Checklist

Black Friday – Cyber Monday Checklist *Check out our updated checklist: How We Prepare Our Clients for Google Shopping in Q4 2016! According… > Read More


How To Build A Customer Acquisition Strategy, From Rocket Dog

Customer Acquisition Strategy Without a doubt, customer acquisition is top of mind for many marketers as they head into 2016. It’s important for… > Read More

Optimizing Retail Landing Pages For Conversational Search

Landing Page Optimization For Retailers Sending traffic to product reviews & recommendation search queries Last quarter, Google reported a 20 percent increase in conversational… > Read More


Product Advertising Course: Strategy for Retail Brands This Q4

Where Brand Manufacturers & Vendors Will Find the Biggest Opportunities This Holiday Season As retail brands approach Q4, it’s critical to be more… > Read More


Programmatic Buying for Retail Marketers Featuring Katana – Course Registration

Best Practices To Succeed with Programmatic Advertising Campaigns “Programmatic” has been one of the most buzzed about terms in the Digital Marketing space… > Read More


Why Retail Marketers Need to Invest in Programmatic Buying

*This article was written by Andreas Roell, Executive Chairman (Katana Connect) Programmatic Buying for Retail Marketers Retail marketing is one of the most competitive… > Read More


4 Retail Merchandising Strategies That Drive Revenue

The Importance of Effective Retail Merchandising Strategies Online retail is growing quickly, but it’s still far from catching up to the colossal sales… > Read More

Gmail hacks

20 Essential Gmail Lifehacks

With the holidays just behind us, many of us are still playing catch-up, and our inboxes are overflowing with out-of-office replies, holiday sale… > Read More

digital marketing organizational tool

Monster List of (Mostly) Free Organization Tools for Digital Marketers

Companies can spend up to 300,000 hours a year on just one meeting. How much time are you wasting organizing notes, planning projects… > Read More