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Optimizing Your Amazon Sponsored Products Strategy – Video

Increase Profit with Amazon Sponsored Products For Amazon sellers looking to expand visibility on the marketplace, Amazon Sponsored Products is one of the most powerful tools sellers can leverage to increase profitability for their online store. Sponsored Products is an advertising platform on the… > Read More


How to Use Google Shopping: Product ID Reports [Video]

Google Shopping Campaign Video Series Part 3: Product ID Reports In CPC Strategy’s Google Shopping Campaign Video Series, Lewis Brannon, Retail Search Manager at CPC Strategy explains how retailers can use insights within their Google Shopping Campaigns to aid in their search portfolio expansion efforts. Leveraging Google… > Read More


Ad Scheduling and Day Parting for a Successful 2015 [Video]

Day Parting, also referred to as ad scheduling, refers to the tactic of adjusting ad exposure for certain hours of the day and/or days of the week by modifying bids. Lewis Brannon, Retail Search Manager at CPC Strategy weighs in on how to… > Read More

Google, AdWords, Amazon and Q4

CPC Strategy: Amplify Q4 Sales for Amazon & AdWords – On Demand Webinar

Q4 revenue increased by 71% in 2013. How much will your online store sell this Q4?  Tune in to listen to Google and Amazon experts, Jeff Coleman, David Weichel and Pat Petriello to learn insider practices proven to increase revenue for your… > Read More


VIDEO: How To Prioritize Effectively And Your Priority Tree

When you have a million things to get done, how do you determine what needs to get done and what can wait?  Want to make sure your business keeps growing?  Well, stop investing too much time and energy into small details. Online… > Read More


VIDEO: How To Analyze Effectively

Do you make it a habit to reflect on your day, whether it was good or bad? In this week’s video, our Director of Marketing Andrew Davis, gives us some insight on improving your life using analysis. If you missed his last… > Read More


VIDEO: How to Use Your Energy Efficiently

Have you ever felt like you spend too much time focusing on one aspect of your life while other aspects of your life suffer because of it? In this video, our Director of Marketing, Andrew Davis explains the benefits of balancing your… > Read More

Lance and Rick Video Interview

CPC Strategy Video Interview Series: Meet Lance Negron!

Are you ready for some LanceSpiration??? This past weekend I had the pleasure of interviewing Lance Negron who is an Account Manager here at CPC Strategy. I have always found Lance to be extremely inspiring and I think a lot of people… > Read More