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5 Fatal Landing Page Errors You Might be Making

This is a guest post by James Scherer. James is a Content marketer at Wishpond, and Landing Page Conversion expert. You can contact James @JDScherer. This article will dive into five fatal landing page errors you might be making and how you… > Read More


Increase Conversion Rates with a Conversion Rate Expert: WiderFunnel

Q&A with WiderFunnel’s Chris Goward – Conversion Rate Expert Whether your issue is shopping cart abandonment or a high landing page bounce rate, increasing conversion rates is a mystery to many. That’s where conversion rate experts come in. Conversion rate optimization experts… > Read More


Pop-Ups Could Get You Suspended From Google Shopping

Do you have pop-ups on your online web store? Are you listing on Google Shopping? If you answered yes to both of those questions, Google could potentially suspend you from Google Shopping and/or disapprove your entire feed. Google Shopping: Avoid Pop-Ups Or… > Read More

How To Get More Orders With Ecommerce Homepages

This is a guest post by Jenni Tolman. Jenni is the Marketing Manager & SEO Writer for Miva Merchant, an all-inclusive ecommerce solution. You can contact Jenni @MivaMerchant.  How to Optimize Your Ecommerce Homepage It is essential that you ensure every page of your online store… > Read More

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SEO Product Descriptions: Creating Unique Product Descriptions

SEO Product Descriptions: Why Do You Need Unique Product Descriptions? Search engines such as Google view duplicate content as a sign that a site is less reliable. Having non-unique (ie stock) descriptions on product pages can potentially hurt your products’ organic traffic on search… > Read More

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Slow Website Speed for 5 Ecommerce Giants: How Online Merchants Can Avoid Slow Page Speed

This is a guest post by Bryn Adler. Bryn is a marketing manager at Yottaa, a Boston- and Beijing-based company that provides all-in-one web optimization software that optimizes, protects, and monitors your website. Bryn can be reached at  Today, 40% of visitors… > Read More


Make More Money Already – 5 Really Easy Ways to Boost Conversion Rates

Conversion rate optimization, otherwise known as CRO: You’ve heard the term thrown around and know it’s something you should be doing, but you’re not sure where to start. You’ve put plenty of effort into driving traffic to your storefront, yet those visitors… > Read More


Unbounce and CPC Strategy Team Up to Optimize Q4 Conversion Rates [Webinar]

Google Shopping is paid, free traffic channels are drying up, and you’re spending more on marketing in general. But are you doing it effectively or are you wasting money down the drain? On August 29 at 11 am PST CPC Strategy’s COO… > Read More

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An Intro to Landing Page Optimization with

Landing page optimization is one of the most under-appreciated ways to increase online sales dramatically. Even an uptick in conversions by .1% can add tens of thousands to your store’s total online sales each year. To help get the word out, we… > Read More


5 Ways to Increase Email Marketing Conversion Rates

Email lists are a valuable part of any E-Commerce repertoire. Each email is a reflection of the time, money and hours spent turning hard earned traffic into sales. Now how do you turn those sales into repeat customers?  Here are 5 ways… > Read More