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Facebook Friend-To-Friend Payments Paves the Way for Ecommerce Platform

Facebook secures another brick in their ecommerce infrastructure with the introduction of Friend-to-Friend Payments. The feature, due to release in the US in the coming months across Android, iOS, and desktop will provide users with a convenient way to send or receive money between friends. How will Facebook… > Read More


Streamline Retail Operations Management with RetailOps

Retail Operations Management: Ecommerce’s Backbone When you read about ecommerce and digital marketing strategy, you almost never hear about retail operations management. The behind-the-scenes strategy is simply not as appealing or “sexy” as cutting-edge marketing technology or innovative website design, yet failing… > Read More


You’re Not Doing It Right If You Don’t Offer Free Shipping [Infographic]

Plain and simple, free shipping is a requirement in today’s online shopping landscape. There are a variety of reasons why a retailer wouldn’t be able to offer free shipping, most of them financial, but regardless of your situation, you need to figure… > Read More


The Guide to Google Analytics for Ecommerce Business Owners Sneak Peek Part 5! Understanding the Content Report

This is the 5th post from our Google Analytics Series featuring the new 35-page Google Analytics Guide for Ecommerce Merchants! Click here to get your free copy! This ebook is the first-ever ebook on Google Analytics created specifically for ecommerce merchants. Part 1 | 2 |… > Read More


The Free Shipping Formula for Online Retailers

There is something decidedly special about offering free shipping. Whether it’s because everyone loves free stuff or paying for shipping is extra painful, I can safely say: sales volume will increase when you offer Free shipping. Free Shipping taps into the dark… > Read More