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Is Programmatic Advertising Right For Your Business? Let’s Find Out.

In the last couple of years, a big source of buzz and excitement within the ad tech industry has been programmatic advertising technology. For those unfamiliar with the concept, check out our resources on what real-time bidding technology is and how it fits… > Read More


RTB Marketing: 6 Experts Weigh In

RTB Marketing: The Future of Digital Advertising? “Real time bidding” (RTB) has been a resoundingly popular buzzword in the digital space in 2013. It’s a fairly technical subject, and if you dont know what I’m talking about, it’s best to go over… > Read More


RTB Technology: A Real Time Bidding Overview

RTB Technology: What is it & Why Should Anyone Care? Every so often there is a new medium and buzz phrase that comes along in digital marketing. Some of them go on to become mainstays of the industry and others quickly fade… > Read More


Programmatic Marketing with Chango

Programmatic marketing is a buzzword that’s gained a lot of steam in the last year, especially with the advent of real-time bidding (RTB). The potential is a prospect where an advertiser can determine a potential customers’ demographic and/or interests, compete with other advertisers’… > Read More


Amazon Previews Revolutionary Delivery Drones, Amazon Prime Air

Amazon introduced a gamechanger Sunday night when 60 Minutes featured founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. Bezos let us in on a look at the future of Amazon fulfillment by previewing Amazon Prime Air, a system that utilizes autonomous drones to deliver packages… > Read More

Google Glass

Google Glass – First Impressions

I had a chance to test drive the new Google Glass at a meetup that our friends over at MJD Interactive hosted last month. Kudos to MJD for hosting a demo day where San Diego based technology start-ups, digital agencies, and companies… > Read More


TED Talk Tuesday: Why Google Glass?

I wouldn’t be surprised if in 10 years, perhaps even less, Google Glass (or a similar technology) was the new iPhone. It could very well be the new standard of how the progressive generations consume their content, shop, and communicate. Why you… > Read More

Corporate charitable giving

3 Business Best Practices for Supporting a Charity

Consumers appreciate when companies are socially responsible. But how should you go about setting up a partnership with a charity, and what are the benefits? We sat down with Sean Godier, VP of Business Supply to talk about their recent experience partnering… > Read More


Meet Zavers, Google’s Solution for Increasing Customer Loyalty

What It Is Zavers (by Google) is a digital coupon service solution designed for retailers and manufacturers.  It focuses on 2 aspects of coupon promotion: creating and distributing digital coupons and making the coupon redemption process more efficient. Utilizing real time data,… > Read More


Q and A with Sangram Kadam of Ordoro – Emerging eCommerce Spotlight

As some of you know, a few members of the CPC Strategy Team traveled to Chicago earlier this month to exhibit at the Internet Retailer Conference. There we had a chance to chat with Sangram Kadam, Co-Founder of Ordoro. Sangram spent the first 5 years… > Read More