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What Should You Test With Email Marketing? [Infographic]

77% of consumers prefer email marketing, are you testing your email copy? Check out the infographic below from email Marketing Platform Marketo: Email Marketing Facts 85% of internet users access email 90 trillion emails are sent annually 25% of people worlwide have… > Read More


Looking For an Email Marketing Service? Meet AWeber

Despite all the advancements in digital marketing over the past several years, email marketing still reigns supreme as a reliably effective and scalable channel. The problem, however, is that many retail businesses don’t manage and market to their email lists effectively, and many… > Read More

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16 Email Marketing Blogs For Retail Search

Email is taking over the world. Don’t’ believe me? Check out these email statistics: 85% of internet users access email 90 trillion emails are sent annually 25% of people worlwide have an email address Here are some awesome email marketing blogs to… > Read More

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Gmail Tips: How To Become A Gmail Ninja Pirate

The new Gmail has gotten some mixed reviews, which had me thinking about Gmail best practices and tips this week. 10 Gmail Tips You Can Use To Save 30 Minutes Today Gmail has a ninja system for email tips and best practices, but you… > Read More


6 Strategies to Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping Cart Abandonment Best Practices For most retailers, shopping cart abandonment is rampant. There’s nothing worse than a customer entering the checkout process only to close out their browser before finalizing the transaction. It’s a trend that results in tons of lost… > Read More


New Gmail Tabs Can Impact Your Business, Really

With around 1,454,989 other things to worry about in your day-to-day activities, one of the last things you may consider a threat is email. But the new Gmail tab interface could really impact your marketing strategy. Overview Of The New Gmail Tabs… > Read More

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Content Marketing [Infographic]

Content marketing is taking over the world. 90% of consumers find custom content useful. And 90% of organizations market with content.    Check out the infographic below by Demand Metric to learn more about why you should invest time in content marketing, and… > Read More


Which Ecommerce Tools Are Best For You?

Ecommerce is a challenging and diverse area for online marketers to navigate. Your business and organizational needs are different than other online business owners, as are your daily routines and productivity. Take this quiz to find out what type of ecommerce tools best… > Read More


5 Ways to Increase Email Marketing Conversion Rates

Email lists are a valuable part of any E-Commerce repertoire. Each email is a reflection of the time, money and hours spent turning hard earned traffic into sales. Now how do you turn those sales into repeat customers?  Here are 5 ways… > Read More

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Work Load Management Series: 5 Tips to Optimize your Gmail

This is the third post in the Work Load Management for Online Marketers Series. Which highlights helpful applications and resources for online marketers to increase their daily productivity, organize tasks and save time. Learn how to organize and store passwords, contact information,… > Read More