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6 Strategies to Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping Cart Abandonment Best Practices For most retailers, shopping cart abandonment is rampant. There’s nothing worse than a customer entering the checkout process only to close out their browser before finalizing the transaction. It’s a trend that results in tons of lost… > Read More


You’re Not Doing It Right If You Don’t Offer Free Shipping [Infographic]

Plain and simple, free shipping is a requirement in today’s online shopping landscape. There are a variety of reasons why a retailer wouldn’t be able to offer free shipping, most of them financial, but regardless of your situation, you need to figure… > Read More


Lessons Learned From Shopping on Google Shopping

When you’ve worked in ecommerce for 5-10 years (or even longer), there’s a tendency to get in too deep. By this, I mean that you start to lose perspective. You run your business and marketing as if everyone (your customers or audience) is… > Read More


Q & A with Marsha Collier, Author of Social Commerce For Dummies & the eBay For Dummies Series

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see the name Marsha Collier pop up if you Google ‘Social Media Guru’.  Marsha is a very well-known author and blogger who specializes in helping small to medium sized businesses develop social media marketing strategies and… > Read More

Corporate charitable giving

3 Business Best Practices for Supporting a Charity

Consumers appreciate when companies are socially responsible. But how should you go about setting up a partnership with a charity, and what are the benefits? We sat down with Sean Godier, VP of Business Supply to talk about their recent experience partnering… > Read More

Lessons We Can Learn From Zappos Part 2 of 2

In Part 1, we established that Zappos is all about one thing: extraordinary customer service.  There are certain aspects of this “extraordinary” that any retailer can adopt and master, even if not electing to focus primarily on customer service.  Let us continue… > Read More

Lessons We Can Learn From Zappos Part 1 of 2

Check out Part 2 Here. One of business’ age old secrets is to identify who’s doing things right, emulate them, and improve upon their success.  Well, maybe its not a secret, but it’s definitely no secret that since 2008 Zappos has been… > Read More

Google Trusted Stores open to sellers

Google Trusted Stores Open to Qualifying Merchants

Google announced today that all qualifying merchants are now able to use the Google Trusted Stores program. The Google Trusted Stores program, which Google has been testing with 50 online merchants since last fall has exceeded Google’s expectations, generating “more than 10… > Read More


BazaarVoice To Buy Rival PowerReviews For $151MM

Looks like the world of online seller reviews is getting a bit smaller. BazaarVoice announced today that it would acquire Power Reviews for $151 million dollars. As we’ve mentioned in the past collecting and distributing merchant ratings is a great way of… > Read More


The Free Shipping Formula for Online Retailers

There is something decidedly special about offering free shipping. Whether it’s because everyone loves free stuff or paying for shipping is extra painful, I can safely say: sales volume will increase when you offer Free shipping. Free Shipping taps into the dark… > Read More