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We Celebrated Our 7th Anniversary By Giving Away a $1000 Scholarship

On January 18th 2014, CPC Strategy officially turned 7 years old. Like any adult-like 7-year-old would, we decided to launch the 1st annual Digital Marketing Scholarship to give back to the San Diego community that’s graced us with sunshine and success for… > Read More


RTB Marketing: 6 Experts Weigh In

RTB Marketing: The Future of Digital Advertising? “Real time bidding” (RTB) has been a resoundingly popular buzzword in the digital space in 2013. It’s a fairly technical subject, and if you dont know what I’m talking about, it’s best to go over… > Read More


RTB Technology: A Real Time Bidding Overview

RTB Technology: What is it & Why Should Anyone Care? Every so often there is a new medium and buzz phrase that comes along in digital marketing. Some of them go on to become mainstays of the industry and others quickly fade… > Read More


Streamline Retail Operations Management with RetailOps

Retail Operations Management: Ecommerce’s Backbone When you read about ecommerce and digital marketing strategy, you almost never hear about retail operations management. The behind-the-scenes strategy is simply not as appealing or “sexy” as cutting-edge marketing technology or innovative website design, yet failing… > Read More


Programmatic Marketing with Chango

Programmatic marketing is a buzzword that’s gained a lot of steam in the last year, especially with the advent of real-time bidding (RTB). The potential is a prospect where an advertiser can determine a potential customers’ demographic and/or interests, compete with other advertisers’… > Read More

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What Should You Test With Email Marketing? [Infographic]

77% of consumers prefer email marketing, are you testing your email copy? Check out the infographic below from email Marketing Platform Marketo: Email Marketing Facts 85% of internet users access email 90 trillion emails are sent annually 25% of people worlwide have… > Read More


Looking For an Email Marketing Service? Meet AWeber

Despite all the advancements in digital marketing over the past several years, email marketing still reigns supreme as a reliably effective and scalable channel. The problem, however, is that many retail businesses don’t manage and market to their email lists effectively, and many… > Read More


Amazon Previews Revolutionary Delivery Drones, Amazon Prime Air

Amazon introduced a gamechanger Sunday night when 60 Minutes featured founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. Bezos let us in on a look at the future of Amazon fulfillment by previewing Amazon Prime Air, a system that utilizes autonomous drones to deliver packages… > Read More

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16 Email Marketing Blogs For Retail Search

Email is taking over the world. Don’t’ believe me? Check out these email statistics: 85% of internet users access email 90 trillion emails are sent annually 25% of people worlwide have an email address Here are some awesome email marketing blogs to… > Read More

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Happy Thanksgiving & Good Luck This Weekend!

On behalf of myself and the entire CPC Strategy team, we’d like to thank you for your readership and wish you the best for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Happy selling! (Biff, Eliza, and Perry just happen to be the most… > Read More