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Two Steps to Identify Why People Are Leaving Your Site [Video]

In 2013, as many as 74% of online shopping carts were abandoned by shoppers (Barilliance), Up from 72% in 2012, and 69% in 2011.  Generating leads through PPC marketing requires time, talent, and a PPC ad budget- elements which online retailers often squander… > Read More

Holiday Shopping, haul videos

The Little Known Video Secret to Increase Online Sales for Q4

Haul Videos blew 2013 away, and are poised to continue to impact online shoppers and videos for the 2014 holiday. This year on Youtube viewers have watched over 5.6 million hours of haul videos.  Haul Videos, which have been featured by web bloggers since… > Read More


3 Overlooked Data Tips to Rank Higher on Google Shopping

You’re up to date on Google Shopping Campaign updates. Your optimizing your Google Shopping campaign for day parting, and changing up ad bidding based on performance. You spend at least an hour a day in AdWords analytics scouring your ad data. You’re… > Read More

Google Helpouts

Google News: Google Helpouts

This week Google announced Google Helpouts, a live video service designed to allow people to ask questions and get interactive video answers from business owners. Google Helpouts: How Does it Work? A Youtube meets Skype tutorial service, Google Helpouts are integrated with… > Read More

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IRCE 2013 Video Recap

The Internet Retailer Conference is by far the largest eCommerce show in the world. The 2013 version had over 9,500 attendees and 600 exhibitors! Check out the video recap below to get our take on the show: Video Cliffs: 1. Inbound Marketing… > Read More

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Google’s Social Evolution: Infographic

Google places a strong emphasis on social, a priority Google has focused on historically and with recent updates like the Google Analytics filters. Google’s social focus is highlighted in particular by Google Plus and Youtube. These social sharing sites have grown significantly over… > Read More

50 Video Marketing Strategies – Ecommerce Edition

  50 Ecommerce Video Marketing Strategies There are so many marketing strategies out there – especially involving the Internet – that it can be hard to sort through all of the information and decide which are best to dedicate your time to…. > Read More


How to Start Video Marketing [Video]

Video traffic continues to soar. A Cisco study estimates that video traffic will make up 54% of all traffic by 2016. 54% of all traffic! Holy tamole. That’s why it’s important now to start learning how to become your own video marketer… > Read More