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What Are Promoted Tweets?

Promoted Tweets For Retailers Twitter is similar to Pinterest in many ways, especially in that users follow others they do not know in order to keep up with what is interesting and cool. At the same time, while Pinterest is now seen as more… > Read More


Twitter Web Remarketing Tag: Remarket without Adroll

This month Twitter expanded  its first party service for remarketing, removing the program from beta. Twitter’s remarketing tag allows advertisers to remarket on Twitter without Adroll. Twitter Retargeting In the past, to be considered for Twitter’s Remarketing beta program sellers would need… > Read More

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How Social Is Infiltrating the Super Bowl [Infographic]

My understanding of the Super Bowl revolves around fried food, commercials and puppies. That’s what I appreciate about the Super Bowl most honestly, that it transcends sports and everyone can enjoy some part of the game. This year more than ever the… > Read More

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The Quest To Contact Aleve

I’m using Aleve right now, and wanted to reach out to the brand to give them some feedback (ok I was going to complain). And thus began my epic quest. Here’s what happened when I tried to reach out to Aleve via… > Read More


101 People That Talk About Tech On Twitter

Technology for ecommerce is ever evolving. The twitter handles below belong to tech experts who are on top of the latest technology news, tips and information. Tech Twitter Handles For Business Owners For business owners looking to get more information on technology… > Read More

Login to sellers sites with what login?

Most Used Social Login Sites [Infographic]

Gigya released a social survey about users social login preferences, based on a lead base of more than 700 brands. According to the study, Facebook is the majority social login, with Google+ hot on its heels. Check out the infographic below for… > Read More


68 Twitter Handles That Talk About Finance

Finance Twitter Handles For Business Owners The twitter handles below have their pulse on Finance. For business owners looking to get more information on stocks and financials of companies and markets, this is a great place to start. 1. 2. 3. 4.… > Read More


How Klout Is Redefining Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media is playing a much larger role for many online brands and industries today.  The emerging, widespread popularity of Klout, a service that measures and quantifies online social influence based on reach and engagement on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+,… > Read More

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Tom Critchlow vs. Will Critchlow: The Ultimate Sibling Rivalry

  The Critchlow brothers are two of the most respected SEOs on the planet but unlike Venus & Serena Williams they can’t determine the most talented sibling through an athletic endeavor. So how are we supposed to tell which brother has the upper hand? It… > Read More

Facebooks sponsored ads now featured

Facebook user friend or foe?

Facebook’s New Sponsored Stories in Main News Feed In the delicate balance between maintaining a positive user experience, and garnering income from advertisers, Facebook has recently implemented the gradual insertion of Featured Stories content in the main news feed. The new Featured… > Read More