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facebook dynamic overlays

Highlight Price & Discounts With Facebook Dynamic Ad Overlays

Facebook Dynamic Ads not only help brands build an audience but can increase conversion rates – largely due to their retargeting ability. Now,… > Read More

instagram tools

15 Instagram Ecommerce Tools for the Brand Owner

In the last few years, Instagram has undergone a major transformation, and is now one of the foremost marketing tools in the ecommerce… > Read More

Is Google Analytics Misreporting Your Facebook Conversions?

If you’re using both Facebook Ads Reporting and Google Analytics to measure your Facebook advertising ROI, you’ve probably noticed something: the numbers just… > Read More

Facebook Advertising in Q4: Is Your Business Ready for the Competition?

Social is really the only digital channel that allows brand advertisers to target shoppers at every stage of their buying process. “Whether they… > Read More

Increase Your Facebook Advertising Conversions With 6 Actionable Tactics

Conversions are the holy grail of online advertising. More than just clicks or views, Facebook advertising conversions tell you that an ad really… > Read More

Facebook Discover: The Latest Chatbot Program for Brands

Facebook has launched yet another new feature—this time in its corresponding Messenger app. Dubbed Facebook “Discover,” the feature lets Messenger users browse featured… > Read More

facebook advertising guidelines

Facebook Advertising Guidelines and Policies for Retailers

As an advertiser, it’s important you’re familiar with Facebook advertising guidelines—not only to ensure your ads are approved but also to prevent wasting… > Read More

facebook live ads

Facebook Live Ads: How Facebook Video Monetization Works

Since its inception in April 2016, Facebook Live has become a phenomenon, allowing businesses and users to increase visibility, engage fans and call… > Read More

facebook business page

10 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

With the right strategy, your Facebook business page isn’t just another static marketing tool; it’s one that can bring in new leads, convert… > Read More

social media marketing tools

Social Media Marketing Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Manually setting up and maintaining a full marketing plan is not just archaic–it’s also not scalable. Third party developers have been hard at… > Read More

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