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facebook broad audience targeting

The Lowdown on Facebook Broad Audience Targeting

Dynamics ads are amazing for remarketing. Able to remind Facebook users of products they previously browsed or added to their cart, or even… > Read More

facebook dynamic ads for retail

When To Use Facebook Dynamic Ad Retargeting vs Traditional Retargeting

Retargeting has long been an effective way for retailers to reach prequalified, already proven leads and push them further down the sales funnel…. > Read More

facebook advertising transparency

The End of Dark Posts, Facebook Advertising Goes Transparent

If you’ve been running dozens of Facebook dark posts in attempt to target users (without revealing your ad strategy to competitors) – it might… > Read More

5 Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Conversion-focused Ads

Just because you set your Facebook campaign’s objective to “conversion” doesn’t mean your ads are automatically going to incite action. In fact, if… > Read More

facebook instream video ads

Stand-alone Facebook In-Stream Video Ads Now Available

Earlier this year, Facebook started offering advertisers a golden opportunity: to place their ads directly within live and on-demand videos on the platform…. > Read More

is it time to invest in a facebook agency

4 Ways to Tell if You Should Hire a Facebook Ad Agency

You’re running Dynamic Ads. You’re retargeting your ecommerce site visitors. You’re building lookalike audiences off every list you own. And you’re still not seeing… > Read More

how to find the best facebook ad agency

What to Look for in a Facebook Ad Agency (Before You Sign a Contract)

“Ad Buying on Facebook Just Got More TV-Like”, read an AdAge headline in 2016. While the article referenced “day parting” and other traditional media… > Read More

facebook messenger ads

5 Ways To Use Facebook Messenger Ads To Engage Your Audience

It turns out there’s a reason Facebook made you download that new Messenger app a few years ago: They planned to monetize it… > Read More

Facebook Power Editor Merges with Ads Manager

Historically, the Facebook Power Editor has been useful for A/B testing your ads, creating lead generation forms, and monitoring campaigns. The only catch? It’s pretty complicated… > Read More

social media lead generation

How To Perfect Your Social Media Lead Generation Strategy

Thanks to the web, there are now thousands of ways to generate leads—and good ones, too. There’s SEO, which drives more users to… > Read More

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