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Rest in Peace Google Authorship

Google’s John Mueller announced a significant change to Google Authorship yesterday. The Google+ announcement noted that Google will no longer display author profile images and Google+ circle counts on desktop and mobile searches. The changes to Google Authorship display are expected to take… > Read More

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Why Google+ Is So Much More Than a Social Platform

Google+’s Vic Gundotra announced his departure from Google+ this week, followed by predictions of Google+’s death, and Google+ as a social zombie “…ending its competition with other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.(@TechCrunch)” What’s Changing with Google+ Google+ talent is getting shifted to… > Read More

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How Social Is Infiltrating the Super Bowl [Infographic]

My understanding of the Super Bowl revolves around fried food, commercials and puppies. That’s what I appreciate about the Super Bowl most honestly, that it transcends sports and everyone can enjoy some part of the game. This year more than ever the… > Read More


Google News: Your Face Could Be Featured on PLAs

Google announced today that starting November 11th, Google will be actively accessing Google+ information to add to Product Listing Ads. For example, if you reviewed a product or endorsed a business with your Google+ account, you may be featured on a PLA like below:… > Read More

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Most Used Social Login Sites [Infographic]

Gigya released a social survey about users social login preferences, based on a lead base of more than 700 brands. According to the study, Facebook is the majority social login, with Google+ hot on its heels. Check out the infographic below for… > Read More

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Google Plus SEO: Link Your Profiles for Better Search Visibility

Google Plus SEO: Linking Your Profiles is Simple If you manage or write for an ecommerce blog, one of your main goals is to have people actually see your content and more ambitiously, to rank on Google search. In addition to SEO… > Read More

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Google’s Social Evolution: Infographic

Google places a strong emphasis on social, a priority Google has focused on historically and with recent updates like the Google Analytics filters. Google’s social focus is highlighted in particular by Google Plus and Youtube. These social sharing sites have grown significantly over… > Read More


How Socializing on Google Plus Can Influence Your SEO Efforts

This is a guest post by social media and marketing specialist Tyler Tafelsky. For almost any product-related keyword, the ecommerce SEO landscape is a highly-competitive playing field. The good news for most ecommerce retailers is that the rules of SEO are evolving… > Read More

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eTail West: Guy Kawasaki Keynote Speech About eCommerce Enchantment

For those of you who don’t already know, Guy Kawasaki is kind of a big deal. He is the author of 10 best selling books, he has over 600k followers on Twitter and over 1.3 million people have Guy Kawasaki in their… > Read More


Make More Money Using Ad Extensions

AdWords Ad extensions provide extra information for potential customers.  They enhance your standard Ad to include additional business info and lead to higher CTRs. The extensions appear alongside your Ad on and most times across the display network. I wouldn’t recommend coming right… > Read More