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facebook analytics

What Kind of Reports Can I Pull With Facebook Analytics?

Though Facebook’s newest tool – Facebook Analytics – is technically designed for advertisers, it’s something marketers of all types can use, whether they’re… > Read More

Introducing the New Facebook Dynamic Creative Tool in Power Editor

Don’t want to spend all your time tweaking ad campaigns for every unique customer segment imaginable? Not sure which headline, image or CTA… > Read More

facebook advertisers 2017

7 Changes that Impacted Facebook Advertisers in 2017

For advertisers, Facebook has evolved a lot this year. In just 2017, the site has released countless new features, ad types and reporting… > Read More

Advertisers React to 2017 Facebook Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

Although Facebook hasn’t always been viewed as a destination for shopping, the platform brought in substantial revenue for retail brands this holiday season…. > Read More

The Ultimate Resource for Facebook Advertising Webinars

At CPC Strategy, we pride ourselves on providing the most relevant and cutting edge content for PPC professionals and advertisers. For the first… > Read More

facebook retargeting

A Closer Look at CPC Strategy’s Relationship with Facebook

Our Facebook Performance Marketing program diagnoses and executes on ad strategies that align Facebook with your unique business objectives. But what really sets… > Read More

facebook broad audience targeting

The Lowdown on Facebook Broad Audience Targeting

Dynamics ads are amazing for remarketing. Able to remind Facebook users of products they previously browsed or added to their cart, or even… > Read More

facebook dynamic ads for retail

When To Use Facebook Dynamic Ad Retargeting vs Traditional Retargeting

Retargeting has long been an effective way for retailers to reach prequalified, already proven leads and push them further down the sales funnel…. > Read More

facebook advertising transparency

The End of Dark Posts, Facebook Advertising Goes Transparent

If you’ve been running dozens of Facebook dark posts in attempt to target users (without revealing your ad strategy to competitors) – it might… > Read More

5 Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Conversion-focused Ads

Just because you set your Facebook campaign’s objective to “conversion” doesn’t mean your ads are automatically going to incite action. In fact, if… > Read More

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