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How to Install Facebook Conversion Pixel & Track Your Ads Across Devices

What is Facebook’s Conversion Pixel? Facebook’s conversion pixel allows retailers to monitor the actions shoppers take after clicking on their ads across devices including mobile, tablets and desktop. According to Facebook, by creating a conversion tracking pixel and adding it to the pages… > Read More


Facebook Product Ads: A Retailer’s Guide To Facebook Advertising

Facebook Product Ads: A Definitive Overview In February, Facebook hit the ground running with the announcement of Facebook Product Ads including their multi-product ad feature, a development that will lead to groundbreaking revenue for both the social network and retailers. According to Facebook,… > Read More


Best Omni-Channel Retail Practices For Holistic Marketing in 2015

Omni-Channel practices are essential for a quality shopping experience in 2015. If shoppers notice a disconnect between your online and in-store presence, they could abandon your product or website all together and look to competitors for other options. Although omni-channel integration may seem overwhelming at first, CPC clients like… > Read More


Q&A with Brian Carter Bestselling Author of ‘Facebook Marketing’

This week, Social Media Keynote Speaker and 18-year digital marketer, Brian Carter joins CPC Strategy to discuss  Facebook and the evolution of ecommerce for 2015.  Carter, the#1 bestselling author of  The Like Economy and Facebook Marketing has keynoted and developed marketing programs for companies of all sizes,… > Read More


5 Retail Experts Weigh in on Facebook Product Ads

With the announcement of Facebook’s new Product Ads, retailers and marketers across the ecommerce industry are anxious to see how the program will impact their sales. In a previous post, we discuss how the latest product advertising program could lead to groundbreaking revenue for both the… > Read More


Facebook Friend-To-Friend Payments Paves the Way for Ecommerce Platform

Facebook secures another brick in their ecommerce infrastructure with the introduction of Friend-to-Friend Payments. The feature, due to release in the US in the coming months across Android, iOS, and desktop will provide users with a convenient way to send or receive money between friends. How will Facebook… > Read More


Facebook on the Forefront of Retail Advertising with TheFind Buyout

With Facebook’s latest purchase of the personalized ecommerce search app TheFind, the social media giant now has access to comparison shopping technology with capabilities that could one day rival Google’s Shopping Platform. As employees from TheFind transition to Facebook – so does their advanced retail/product based… > Read More


Will Retargeting Platform AdRoll Brave the Launch of Facebook Product Ads?

For nearly a decade, retargeting platforms like AdRoll have invested in building innovative technology to enable their advertisers to engage customers. According to AdRoll, generally 2 percent of shoppers convert on the first visit to an online store but retargeting brings back the… > Read More


How to Get a Higher ROI on Facebook Ads Using AdEspresso

Following the announcement of Facebook Product Ads, we asked our experts here at CPC Strategy, “What the New Program Means for Retailers“. Today, we take a closer look at AdEspresso, a start up program offering ad tools to make Facebook Advertising easy and profitable for small… > Read More


Facebook Product Ads: What the New Program Means for Retailers

Facebook Launches New Product Ad Program With the announcement of Facebook’s new Product Ads, the latest product advertising program could lead to groundbreaking revenue for both the social network and retailers thanks to their advanced user-data and targeting capabilities. According to Facebook,… > Read More