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Facebook Product Ads: What the New Program Means for Retailers

Facebook Launches New Product Ad Program With the announcement of Facebook’s new Product Ads, the latest product advertising program could lead to groundbreaking revenue for both the social network and retailers thanks to their advanced user-data and targeting capabilities. According to Facebook,… > Read More


19 Ways To Get More Facebook Engagement This Valentines Day [Infographic]

Ahh its that time of year again, the time for all the single people to circulate That Feel gifs. While you probably don’t have time to get a girlfriend in time for Valentine’s Day- you still have time to get some traction… > Read More

social media superbowl

How Social Is Infiltrating the Super Bowl [Infographic]

My understanding of the Super Bowl revolves around fried food, commercials and puppies. That’s what I appreciate about the Super Bowl most honestly, that it transcends sports and everyone can enjoy some part of the game. This year more than ever the… > Read More

Kit bio

Facebook Analytics Tool: Meet Kit.

Introducing Fanalytics by Kit Despite massive hype and multiple Gary Vaynerchuk videos over the last couple of years, social media still remains a relatively “fluffy”, unpacked channel for a lot of businesses. You can’t ask What’s the ROI of social media? without first… > Read More

Brand social media for Aleve

The Quest To Contact Aleve

I’m using Aleve right now, and wanted to reach out to the brand to give them some feedback (ok I was going to complain). And thus began my epic quest. Here’s what happened when I tried to reach out to Aleve via… > Read More

Login to sellers sites with what login?

Most Used Social Login Sites [Infographic]

Gigya released a social survey about users social login preferences, based on a lead base of more than 700 brands. According to the study, Facebook is the majority social login, with Google+ hot on its heels. Check out the infographic below for… > Read More


Facebook Ecommerce Group Member And Online Retailer Kirk Holbert Shares His Story On Selling

  Recently, John Lawson, owner and operator of Colder ICE Media, asked me to do an article on the Facebook Ecommerce Group, a group budding with more than 1200 members and active topics on retail being posted and discussed every day. I… > Read More


Facebook: “Pay Us To Reach Your Followers”

The way Facebook has begun its advertising program has been fascinating to me. You may remember last week when I blogged about why Facebook won’t stop calling me. In this week’s episode, Melanie Maybe, owner of and a Facebook page with… > Read More


How Klout Is Redefining Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media is playing a much larger role for many online brands and industries today.  The emerging, widespread popularity of Klout, a service that measures and quantifies online social influence based on reach and engagement on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+,… > Read More

Social Commerce

What Is Social Commerce?

“Social Commerce” was THE ecommerce buzzword of 2011 and if you walked through the exhibit halls at Internet Retailer, eTail or you were bombarded with people trying to get you to jump on the Social Commerce bandwagon. But what is Social Commerce?  You’ve… > Read More