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Facebook Product Ads: What the New Program Means for Retailers

Facebook Launches New Product Ad Program With the announcement of Facebook’s new Product Ads, the latest product advertising program could lead to groundbreaking revenue for both the social network and retailers thanks to their advanced user-data and targeting capabilities. According to Facebook,… > Read More

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Over Two Out of Three CEOs Lack a Social Media Presence [Infographic]

According to Brandfog’s 2014 Global Social CEO Survey, three quarters of global CEOs feel that executives using social media are more trustworthy than those that do not. Ironically, a recent infographic from DOMO and found that they don’t hold themselves to… > Read More

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Social Media Rules for Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ [Infographic]

More than half of people in the US have a social profile (56%), 22% of those people using social sites multiple times a day (nearly 2/3). American’s use social media every day. 58 million people in the US admit they use social… > Read More


Two Steps to Identify Why People Are Leaving Your Site [Video]

In 2013, as many as 74% of online shopping carts were abandoned by shoppers (Barilliance), Up from 72% in 2012, and 69% in 2011.  Generating leads through PPC marketing requires time, talent, and a PPC ad budget- elements which online retailers often squander… > Read More

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The Little Known Video Secret to Increase Online Sales for Q4

Haul Videos blew 2013 away, and are poised to continue to impact online shoppers and videos for the 2014 holiday. This year on Youtube viewers have watched over 5.6 million hours of haul videos.  Haul Videos, which have been featured by web bloggers since… > Read More


3 Overlooked Data Tips to Rank Higher on Google Shopping

You’re up to date on Google Shopping Campaign updates. Your optimizing your Google Shopping campaign for day parting, and changing up ad bidding based on performance. You spend at least an hour a day in AdWords analytics scouring your ad data. You’re… > Read More

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Rest in Peace Google Authorship

Google’s John Mueller announced a significant change to Google Authorship yesterday. The Google+ announcement noted that Google will no longer display author profile images and Google+ circle counts on desktop and mobile searches. The changes to Google Authorship display are expected to take… > Read More

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Fueling Your Business With Social Content [Infographic]

Social content is here to stay, with over 500+ million tweets every day it is impossible to ignore. The inforgraphic below outlines how to convert your social content into sales with user generated content (UGC). Four Key Points: Build a library of user generated content… > Read More


Twitter Web Remarketing Tag: Remarket without Adroll

This month Twitter expanded  its first party service for remarketing, removing the program from beta. Twitter’s remarketing tag allows advertisers to remarket on Twitter without Adroll. Twitter Retargeting In the past, to be considered for Twitter’s Remarketing beta program sellers would need… > Read More


Today: Webinar on Driving Conversions with Social

Friendly last-minute reminder that today at 11AM PST we’ll be hosting a webinar on Social Commerce 2.0. The topics covered include how retailers (including real, live examples) are tying social applications into different aspects of their store and current marketing channels to… > Read More