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Magento Partner: Expert Insight Into Popular Solutions & Common Pitfalls

Q&A with Expert Magento Partner:   CEO of Web Solutions NYC Yitzchak Lieblich operates a unique boutique design and development agency with expert knowledge on one of the world’s most trusted ecommerce platforms – Magento. “What that means is we are experts with anything Magento related,” Lieblich said. “We… > Read More


Digital Brand Designers For Nike & Porsche: metajive

The Future of Digital Brand Design Metajive is a full service digital studio that focuses on creating unique experiences for users, clients and employees.  Succinctly, that means they build anything with pixels, from commerce experiences to iOS and android apps as well as installations… > Read More


Google AdWords Announces New Automation Tools and Features

Google AdWords New Automation Features On Tuesday, Google Adwords event #StepInsideAdWords featured new mobile-friendly ad formats in dynamic search ads, display auto re-sizing and improvements to bid automation. “For shopping ads, we’ve been enhancing to improve the experience of those, ‘I want to… > Read More


CPC Strategy + Search Spring: On Demand Webinar

Increase sales with Search and Navigation In this On Demand webinar, retailers will learn how to increase sales and unleash find-ability with advanced site search and navigation for your ecommerce store. A few highlights from the webinar: Increase sales with Search and… > Read More


Ecommerce Site Navigation 2.0: SearchSpring

If you’ve ever tried to search for a product on an ecommerce website only to find that it’s search functionality doesn’t understand English, you’ll know that it’s a severely frustrating experience. To be completely transparent, this very blog is a perfect example… > Read More


Increase Conversion Rates with a Conversion Rate Expert: WiderFunnel

Q&A with WiderFunnel’s Chris Goward – Conversion Rate Expert Whether your issue is shopping cart abandonment or a high landing page bounce rate, increasing conversion rates is a mystery to many. That’s where conversion rate experts come in. Conversion rate optimization experts… > Read More


6 Strategies to Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping Cart Abandonment Best Practices For most retailers, shopping cart abandonment is rampant. There’s nothing worse than a customer entering the checkout process only to close out their browser before finalizing the transaction. It’s a trend that results in tons of lost… > Read More

Semantic Markup

Guest Post By Ruth Burr, Lead SEO at SEOmoz: Why PPC Marketers Should Care about Semantic Markup

This is a guest post by Ruth Burr, Ruth is the Lead SEO practitioner for SEOmoz, where she owns and executes SEO strategy and related tasks for SEOmoz. She has more than 6 years of experience with on-page conversion optimization, landing page… > Read More

Increase site speed for websites

Slow Website Speed for 5 Ecommerce Giants: How Online Merchants Can Avoid Slow Page Speed

This is a guest post by Bryn Adler. Bryn is a marketing manager at Yottaa, a Boston- and Beijing-based company that provides all-in-one web optimization software that optimizes, protects, and monitors your website. Bryn can be reached at  Today, 40% of visitors… > Read More


InFifthGear’s Take on Shopping Cart Abandonment [Infographic]

Shopping cart abandonment is just one of those things that continually leaves online retailers scratching their heads.  It essentially means that the retailer did everything right to get that qualified customer to their site but for some unknown, rather untraceable reason, the… > Read More


The 2016 Amazon Sponsored Products Guide

Tactics and Insights for Third-Party Sellers to Advance their Advertising Strategy

Amazon Sponsored Products Guidebook