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website migration checklist

Website Migration SEO For Retailers

Retail Website Migration SEO Site migration is a process most retailers will face at some point during the growth of their business to keep… > Read More


How to Navigate Attribution Modeling in Google Analytics

Attribution Modeling & Multi-Channel Tracking An attribution model is the rule, or set of rules, that determines how credit for sales and conversions… > Read More


Mobile Site Emulator Testing Available in Google Chrome

Mobile Site Emulator As the mobile audience grows, responsive mobile-friendly web design becomes all the more important. Web content needs to look and feel… > Read More


How to Rank for Google’s New Mobile-Friendliness & App Index

Websites that are not mobile-friendly could suffer within Google’s search results due to the latest announcement to expand mobile friendliness as a ranking signal… > Read More

Google pigeon local update

Google Pigeon Update: What Search Marketers Need to Know [Infographic]

Google’s most recent search algorithm update- surnamed Pigeon has impacted local search, retailers and SEO since July of this year. 58% of local… > Read More

2015 Paid search and Google authorship

2015 Search Forecast: 10 Crazy (Or are they?) Predictions

It’s been an eventful year for search, both with search updates and online searching behavior. Google updated search 13 times in 2014, including updates for more… > Read More

Is SEO on Google Dying? [Infographic]

Nearly 68% of all Internet searches are conducted on Google. Google search is a powerful medium for businesses to reach new customers. However, many… > Read More

Google Shopping

Advanced Google Search Tips [Infographic]

  The Google algorithm is designed to provide users with highly relevant content with minimal effort. However, it is often difficult for users… > Read More

AdWords branded PPC campaigns

Do Branded Trademark Campaigns Hurt Your SEO?

Branded AdWords campaigns are frequently a source of fear for PPC marketers, despite the opportunity for higher ROI, and more search impressions. One… > Read More


A Refreshingly Honest Take on Ecommerce & The Evolution of SEO

Jo Benson is a former IBM-er, the COO of Vortx, and perhaps best of all, a delightfully honest interviewee.  Her current company, Vortx,… > Read More

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