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How Dynamic Sitelinks Can Boost Your Average CTR by 50 Percent

Dynamic sitelinks can be extremely useful to retail marketers. Not only do they help boost click-though-rate, they also guide shoppers to relevant pages on a retailer’s website based on their recent search activities. Historically, sitelinks are an important part of a successful text ad…. > Read More

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5 Free Tools You Can Use for SEO and PR From Wil Reynolds

This month’s SEM San Diego meetup featured SEER Interactive’s Founder Wil Reynolds, a pioneer for the convergence of SEO and PR in SEM. During Wil’s presentation he emphasized the importance of evolving SEM and SEO to focus on relationships. “You’re not just… > Read More

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3 Lessons on SEO from Ross Hudgens

Last week I had the good fortune of attending an SEM SD meetup at CPC Strategy with Ross Hudgens of Siege Media, a content promotion, development, and maintenance agency. Ross spoke about SEO and its changes in the ecommerce and retail search sphere…. > Read More

50 Local Marketing Strategies

50 Marketing Strategies To Increase Business From Your City Building your local marketing strategy is important in order to attract more customers and build trust and credibility. Even though local marketing strategies mainly benefit those businesses whose customer bases are local, every… > Read More