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Ad Scheduling and Day Parting for a Successful 2015 [Video]

Day Parting, also referred to as ad scheduling, refers to the tactic of adjusting ad exposure for certain hours of the day and/or days of the week by modifying bids. Lewis Brannon, Retail Search Manager at CPC Strategy weighs in on how to… > Read More


7 Compelling Reasons Why Retailers Need Branded PPC Ads

If you’re a retail advertiser sinking a significant budget into PPC campaigns (namely AdWords), it can be difficult to accept the idea that you should be spending even more money to run branded PPC ads. Branded (a.k.a. trademark) PPC ads are those… > Read More

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How Porn and Ecommerce Became Friends

Good online advertising provokes. Everyone knows this. The real question is how? Anger? Humor? Bliss? Shock? Arousal? Strong emotions drive action, yet all too often online advertisers neglect this truth and instead come up with bland, underwhelming messages that get lost in… > Read More


How To Increase Conversions Using Google Product Feeds Webinar

  In case you missed our Webinar last Wednesday on How To Increase Conversions Using Google Product Feeds, we’ve uploaded it below. Check out the Webinar recording with expert tips and tricks from ConversionIQ and CPC Strategy on how to increase conversions… > Read More


The Shopzilla Filter Option

Here is a great tip from one of our account managers, Jason Bell, on how to use Shopzilla’s filter option. Take it away Jason. In Shopzilla, on the manage bids tab, you have the ability to sort products by Bid Amount, Product… > Read More


Bidding and Budget Options on Google AdWords

You’ve done your homework. You’ve got a quality website and a service offering or action you want searchers to complete. You’ve toiled over a fool proof method to organize the campaign hierarchy, and selected the locations and languages your Ads will be served in…. > Read More