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Google product ratings

3 Ways to Improve your Brand on Google for Q4

Shoppers on Google are judging you. They’re judging where you appear on Google, how your store appears, your ratings, etc. Moving into Q4, how your products and store appear on Google is pivotal. Take the time to optimize your Google exposure to generate… > Read More

Excel tech tip

Tech Tip: Excel Regression Analysis

Regression analysis may sound like a complex data manipulation limited to Statistics majors- but it’s a function that can easily be generated within Excel Regression analysis allows Google merchants to measure the relationship between two data sets. For example if you wanted… > Read More

AdWords Q4 performance

7 AdWords Reports to Improve Q4 Sales on Google

Q4 2013 saw Google paid search grow 19%, with a 15% increase in paid clicks from the previous year. Are you prepared for Q4 AdWords increases this year? Below are key AdWords reports to help you optimize and prioritize your AdWords campaign… > Read More

Retail search news

This Week In Retail Search 8/20/2014

Retail Search Recap 8/20/2014 Leading, Reliable, and Updated News on Retail, Digital Marketing, Tech and Ecommerce   Google News: Below are the top stories in Google related news this week. Inside AdWords: Close Variant Matching For All Exact And Phrase Keywords Starting… > Read More


Google AdWords: Attribution Modeling & Search Funnel Reports [Video]

Advertisers using Google AdWords often find attribution modeling and search funnel reports a complicated subject. In the video below, our own Lewis Brannon* breaks down attribution modeling and search funnel reports to show users how to enhance their AdWords campaign performance and improve… > Read More


How to Upload AdWords Call Extensions in Bulk

Call extensions are a highly effective and relatively standard addition to AdWords text ads. AdWords recently added the ability to upload call extensions for all of your campaigns in bulk – no doubt a very efficient improvement for search advertisers with many campaigns. For more info… > Read More

Google Shopping

Google Display Ad Dimensions Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

The Google Display Network enables retailers to leverage thousands of sites and apps to serve their ads. However, between file size limits and restrictions on file formats, publishing ads on the Google Display Network requires a minimum standard to be met. The infographic… > Read More


Google AdWords Adds Dynamic Sitelinks Feature to Enhance Relevancy

Of the 9 staple AdWords extensions, sitelinks are among the most effective for ecommerce businesses. They funnel shoppers to targeted pages on your site and consume more valuable ad real estate. Now AdWords advertisers have the luxury of populating their ads with… > Read More

AdWords keyowrd match type

Understanding AdWords Keyword Match Type with HIMYM

Google ads have an average click-through rate of 3.16%. For online advertisers AdWords ads are an opportunity to drive higher clicks and sales on Google search- a significant revenue driver. To truly leverage AdWords campaigns you need to understand AdWords match types, and… > Read More


Today: 10 AdWords Secrets You Need to Survive the Mobile Tsunami [White Paper]

Google “mobile traffic” and the image results literally show 4 upward trending graphs. But this rapid acceleration of the mobile market is really a double-edged sword. One one hand is the huge opportunity to oust competitors in what is essentially a new… > Read More

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