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Google Dynamic Remarketing: Commonly Asked Questions

With Google’s  dynamic remarketing program out of beta there’s been a ton of buzz out there but very few answers so far. Below we’ve put together a set of questions that have come up so far, but feel free to chime in with… > Read More

Which is Better, Google Shopping or Amazon Product Ads?

Almost as fierce as the Android vs. Apple debate is the Google Shopping vs. Amazon Product Ads debate. Brand loyalty aside, which comparison shopping engine is really the best? Where does Google Shopping win? Merchant tools Amazon is so used to having… > Read More

Worst Merchant Responsivness engine, Google Shopping

Why Google Shopping AdWords Support is a Gamble

For Q4 2012, Google Shopping beat the other comparison shopping engines (CSEs) in almost every metric, and overall for the quarter as the number one CSE: Our co-founder Tien Nguyen even notes that “It’s no surprise that Google is still the comparison shopping… > Read More

Google Shopping for 2012 Christmas conversion rate

5 Reasons Why Google Shopping Conversions Decreased for Q4 2012

In our Q4 2012 comparison shopping engine rankings, Google Shopping dominated many of the engine metrics such as traffic and revenue. For conversion rate however, Google came in fourth place overall for the holiday season, lower even than the its own numbers… > Read More

Holiday 2012 #1 Comparison Engine, Google Shopping Revenue

Google Shopping’s How Product Listing Ads (PLAs) Stole Christmas

Yesterday we released our comparison shopping engine rankings for Q4 2012, compiling merchant data to determine the number one comparison shopping engine based on variables like revenue, cost of sale (COS) and conversion rate. Update 5/7/2013: We just released the most awesome… > Read More

20 Things Your Marketing Agency Won’t Tell You

Marketing Agencies are for profit. It’s in your best interest to be informed about what services they are providing. And more importantly to be knowledgeable about things they haven’t told you. Here are 20 top things you should be aware of when… > Read More

Using Product Listing Ads AdWords Labels

AdWords Labels for Online Merchants: How, When and Why You Should Use them on PLAs

AdWords Labels are a handy tool you can use in the AdWords login to optimize your Product Listing Ads (PLAs). Below are explanations of how to set up AdWords labels, when you might want to do so, and why. How To Add… > Read More


How To Increase Conversions Using Google Product Feeds Webinar

  In case you missed our Webinar last Wednesday on How To Increase Conversions Using Google Product Feeds, we’ve uploaded it below. Check out the Webinar recording with expert tips and tricks from ConversionIQ and CPC Strategy on how to increase conversions… > Read More

Finding New Qualified PPC Keywords

Find New PPC Keyword Opportunities With Google Shopping

Google, over the past 5 years, has accumulated massive amounts of data about product-related user queries, slowly building their understanding of what is and isn’t a commercial, or transactional, query.  They’ve recently used this product search algorithm to build a new ecommerce focused advertising platform… > Read More

5 Tips For Increasing Qualified Paid Search Traffic to Your eCommerce Store for Holiday 2012

The year is winding down and that means one thing: the holiday shopping season is almost upon us. As we inch toward Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the monster sales month of December, it’s time to start thinking about ways to increase… > Read More

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