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The Adwords Quality Score: A Fundamental Necessity

I’m going to let you in on a little industry secret: Google’s goal is to serve users ads they’ll find relevant. Okay, it’s not much of a secret and I probably didn’t need to tell you that – but it’s true. If… > Read More


The Death of Last Click Attribution & Rise of Google’s Data Driven Model

In ecommerce, attribution can be a complicated concept for retailers to understand. In simple terms, an attribution model is the rule, or set of rules, that determine how credit for sales and conversions are assigned to touchpoints in the conversion path. Touchpoints can vary… > Read More

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What are Google Responsive Ads?

AdWords has become one of the most robust digital ad services by offering an expansive network through which ads can be shown (2 million+ for the display network). One repercussion of this is that publishers accept a variety of formats on their… > Read More


Are Conversion Tracking Errors Manipulating Your Sales Numbers?

Conversion Tracking: AdWords & Google Analytics It’s absolutely essential for advertisers to accurately monitor their customer’s purchasing path through Conversion Tracking. Most of the time, if a customer is served an ad for a product they are interested in, they will click… > Read More

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Experts on How the Loss of Converted Clicks on AdWords Will Affect Retailers

How the Loss of AdWords Converted Clicks Will Affect Retailers Are you using “Converted Clicks” as your bidding conversion metric in AdWords? Brace yourself—Converted Clicks will disappear and “Conversions” will be king in just two months (September 2016). This comes right after… > Read More

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How Retailers Can Take Advantage of New Google AdWords Price Extensions

Google AdWords Price Extensions 101 Expanded Text Ads. Imported Call Conversions. AdWords Price Extensions for mobile text ads. Google’s been improving the text ads game, and they aren’t wasting any time. “Google has seen the impact of Google Shopping Ads, and they… > Read More

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Are BigCommerce & Shopify Over-Reporting Your Adwords Conversions?

Recently, the CPC Strategy team became aware that Shopify and BigCommerce accounts may be over-reporting conversions and conversion values in AdWords. What does this mean for Shopify and BigCommerce sites? “If you’re duplicating your reports, you’re not seeing your true performance on AdWords,… > Read More

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How to Customize the AdWords Automated Extensions Report

AdWords Automated Extensions Report Ad extensions are a specific type of ad format that shows additional information “extending” from your text ads about your business. Ad extensions give your ad more prominence on the search results page and can be added manually and / or… > Read More

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AdWords Sitelinks: What Headline Drives the Most Conversions?

Google AdWords Sitelinks Extension Strategy for Retailers We could spend all day talking about AdWords extension strategies, but today, we’re going to focus on one of our favorites: Google AdWords sitelinks. If you haven’t set AdWords sitelinks up in your Adwords account yet, check out our… > Read More

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How to Set Up AdWords Offline Conversion Tracking

What is AdWords Offline Conversion Tracking? It’s essential for advertisers to understand and accurately monitor the customer’s path to purchase through AdWords Offline Conversion Tracking. In many cases, when a customer sees your ad, they will click on it, visit your website, and make… > Read More