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google shopping ads

New Google Shopping Actions Program To Replace Purchases on Google

At the end of Q1, Google will officially phase out the former Purchases on Google program and replace it with Google Shopping Actions, a… > Read More

The New Google AdWords Custom Columns Are a Big Deal & Here’s Why

New Google AdWords Custom Columns are now being rolled out at the keyword, search term & ad levels – allowing advertisers to better drill down… > Read More


What is Google AdWords Express & Is it the Right Choice for My Business?

Want to advertise on Google but can’t decipher the complicated labyrinth that is AdWords? Then Google just might have your answer: AdWords Express…. > Read More

google custom intent audiences

What are Google Custom Intent Audiences?

As part of its mass release of new features late last year, Google rolled out a new targeting tool for its Display Network… > Read More

google data driven model

Advertising Experts Test The Google Data-Driven Attribution Model

One of the latest models introduced to help advertisers gain a better understanding of attribution is Google Data-driven. What is the Google Data-Driven… > Read More

end of adwords review extentions

The End of AdWords Review Extensions & How To Save Your Data

In an effort to simplify the ad extension offering in AdWords, this month Review Extensions will be deleted along with their performance data…. > Read More

google attribution

What is Google Attribution & Is it a Big Deal for Advertisers?

Attribution can be complicated for advertisers. An attribution model is the rule, or set of rules, that determine how credit for sales and conversions… > Read More

should you outsource adwords agency

6 Signs You Should Outsource AdWords Management

No matter how many new channels emerge, brands and retailers are still flocking to AdWords. Last year, Google claimed 44% of all global… > Read More

2018 search predictions

2018 Search Predictions From Our Leading Experts

There was plenty to try to keep up with in 2017 and retailers can finally take a second to stop and reflect on… > Read More

google changes in 2017

12 Ways Google Advertising Changed in 2017

From phasing out Standard Text ads to the YouTube ads debacle–Google was busy in 2017. If you’ve been working in AdWords every day,… > Read More