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Google Puts Pressure on Bing Advertisers with August Deadline

On March 26th, Bing announced the launch of their long awaited Product Ads program, a CPC-based retail advertising channel similar in format to Google’s Product Listing Ads. On April 2nd, 7 days after Bing’s big news, Google let their advertisers know that… > Read More

Adwords extension update

AdWords Update: Consumer Ratings Extension Gets More Space

Consumer Ratings More Prominent on Search Early this month, we noticed Consumer Ratings are now showing up as a completely separate line item for individual text ads, making them stand out even more for the retailers who have them. AdWords enables advertisers to… > Read More


Google AdWords Client Library Update – A Step Forward

Google is arguably the most powerful technology company in the world. But if you were to consult the active developer community about their frustrations around Google’s top earner, AdWords, a common theme would be likely to emerge –  The API, while powerful and… > Read More

Google consumer reviews

Should I Use Google Consumer Surveys?

Google Consumer Surveys (or ratings) have been available for several hundred businesses in the U.S., U.K., and Canada since 2012, but are widely misunderstood and under used. Here’s what you need to know about Google Consumer Surveys, why the recent update is… > Read More


Breaking News: Bing Product Ads Now Live

Today, Bing announced that their long awaited Bing Product Ads (BPA) program is live and available for all retail advertisers. The news is no doubt significant to retailers and retail advertisers, considering the amount of success that Google PLAs experienced when Product… > Read More


Getting to Know Premium Bid Management Software Kenshoo

Today we get to hear from an industry-leader. Kenshoo has consistently put out digital marketing reports that serve as the gold-standard for data and is a software of choice for many professional PPC campaign managers, including us here at CPC Strategy. With… > Read More


7 Compelling Reasons Why Retailers Need Branded PPC Ads

If you’re a retail advertiser sinking a significant budget into PPC campaigns (namely AdWords), it can be difficult to accept the idea that you should be spending even more money to run branded PPC ads. Branded (a.k.a. trademark) PPC ads are those… > Read More


How to Leverage Google Places For Your AdWords Campaigns

Location extensions are not new to AdWords and most stores with physical locations already take advantage of them. The reality is, however, that most advertisers simply click into the Ad Extensions tab in AdWords, enable a couple of location extensions, and leave it alone… > Read More

Top Mover metrics in AdWords

6 Ways The AdWords Top Movers Dimension Will Change Your Life

Last summer, Google released the Top Movers report in the Dimensions tab. More recently, the AdWords Top Movers dimension was updated to track additional changes. Below are some tips on how to use AdWords Top Movers dimension, Google’s most recent update,  and… > Read More

AdWords conversions update

AdWords Conversions Update

Google announced flexible conversion counting this week, an update to make AdWords conversion counting easier for advertisers. AdWords Conversions Now Converted Clicks and Conversions Flexible conversion counting allows AdWords merchant to determine what constitutes a conversion value and delineate between conversions and… > Read More