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YouTube Shopping Ads Now Available To All Advertisers

YouTube Shopping Ads Out of Beta & Now Live This week, both of YouTube’s Shopping ad formats including “TrueView for Shopping” and “Shopping Ads on YouTube” are now out of beta and available to all advertisers in AdWords. To be clear, the… > Read More

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Promote Real-Time Holiday Discounts with AdWords Ad Customizers

AdWords Ad Customizers for Holiday Promos Most retailers will offer discounts, promotions and special offers throughout November and December – targeting shoppers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Ad customizers – (including the “countdown” feature) – are a great way to effectively communicate the timeliness of… > Read More


How New Dynamic Search Ads Will Impact the Future of Advertising – Video

New Dynamic Search Ads Features The New Dynamic Search Ads use Google’s organic web-crawling technology to automatically target relevant search queries based on a retailer’s website content. Dynamic Search Ads are useful for campaigns because they: 1) Help fill in the gaps in… > Read More


7 Campaign Settings To Reduce Ad Spend For PPC Text Ads

Best Practices For PPC Text Ads From ad copy to campaign settings, we’ve compiled a list of the best practices to optimize and improve your PPC Text Ads. When text ad campaigns are built according to best practices, they usually have higher quality scores…. > Read More

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How to Use Branded Keywords in Trademark Campaigns

What are Trademark Campaigns? When selecting keywords for a PPC trademark campaign, it’s important to use branded keywords. Branded keywords are the search words or keyword phrases that include the brand name or company name. For example, Nordstrom could create a trademark campaign targeting shoppers searching for “Nordstrom”…. > Read More


Discover Trending Items With New Google Shopping Insights Tool

Introducing Google Shopping Insights Inventory preparation is a critical component for retailers heading into Q4. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to gauge inventory demands – all too often retailers will stock too much or too little – putting their business at risk through the… > Read More


Facebook Shopping Feed: New Testing For Retailers

Introducing a Facebook Shopping Feed Facebook is now testing a new shopping feed with the goal “to make it easier for people to discover relevant products on mobile while also driving results for businesses”. According to the Facebook announcement, “We’ve seen that people… > Read More


Google Shopping Ads On Youtube Expands Advertising Platform

Google Shopping Ads on YouTube  Throughout the year, Google has made consistent efforts to integrate video and retail advertising with their latest platform, TrueView. Now, instead of having to go to a special section within AdWords to create, manage and optimize video campaigns, retailers can… > Read More


Drive Visitors To Your Site With Display Prospecting for New Audiences

What is Display Prospecting for New Audiences? When it comes to display prospecting for new audiences, advertising is based on the demographic or interest-based targeting, rather than the search intent. Retailers use display prospecting to improve brand awareness and drive new site visitors. “There’s… > Read More


Facebook Updates Pages With New Shop Section For Retailers

Facebook Updates Pages: Shop & Services Facebook recently announced the addition of two new sections for retailers with Facebook Business Pages including “Shop” and “Services”. According to Facebook, “Until now, Pages have been largely the same for every business. Now we’re beginning to add new… > Read More


The 2015 Fulfillment by Amazon Guide

How Professional Sellers Can Strategically Implement FBA