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63 AdWords Editor 11 Shortcuts for PPC Advertisers

Last week, Google updated its AdWords Editor (11), which includes new tools for AdWords power users for advanced reporting and management. Below are useful keyboard shortcuts to use when managing your Paid Search campaigns with the new AdWords Editor. AdWords Editor 11 Keyboard… > Read More


Google Shipping Pinching Sellers for Q4: How to Keep Your Products on Search

As if online retailers don’t have enough stress during Q4, Google has been particularly active policing their shipping rules this Holiday season, which may result in products getting removed from search during the busiest online shopping season retailers see all year. Google… > Read More


AdWords Editor 11 Updates: Takeaways for PPC Advertisers

This week Google announced an update to its AdWords Editor tool, to include more power-user friendly features and tools for Paid Search advertisers on AdWords. Below are highlights of the major changes to AdWords Editor (version 11), and how they affect your… > Read More


Spotted: New AdWords Reporting Feature, Custom Columns

Today CPC Strategy’s Paid Search team discovered a new AdWords feature in the wild. AdWords Custom Columns, a reporting tool which allows advertisers to segment different metrics easily, expands the analysis ability for Google PPC managers. New AdWords Reporting Feature The feature… > Read More

Q4 2014 retail search and PPC news

This Week in Retail Search 12/7/2014

Retail Search Weekly News Recap Leading, Reliable, and Updated News on Retail, Digital Marketing, Tech and Ecommerce Search changes frequently. Google Shopping updated its algorithm 13 times in 2014, 3 times in October alone. Staying on top of search news and strategy… > Read More

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65 (Free) Blue Ribbon Worthy Paid Search Resources for PPC Marketers

Google changed its search algorithm 13 times in 2014, 3 times in October alone. Search updates happen frequently, and Paid Search best practices and strategy updates almost daily. Staying on top of search and PPC news is a must for today’s Search… > Read More


The PPC Performance Metric You’re Ignoring Which is Costing You

Google’s search pages have changed significantly in 2014, and continue to advance as search behavior evolves. Search space on Google is increasingly cluttered, with different objects competing for visibility in the same ad space. For advertisers, getting a top position on search doesn’t… > Read More


2 Must Use PLA Enhancements For Higher Rankings [Video]

27% of online shoppers are already searching for Black Friday deals online (Google). What type of visibility does your online store have on Google? Below are some tips on how to gain more visibility for your online store this holiday on Google…. > Read More


PPC Advanced Strategy: New Strategy to Outrank Competition on AdWords

In 2015, almost all of Google’s search result page (SERP) space is PPC advertising. AdWords advertisers are increasingly challenged with getting visibility on these pages with limited space, creating a highly competitive advertising landscapte. The average  Google search page real estate (desktop)… > Read More


SEO vs. PPC: Which one is more important? [Infographic]

In June, Jim Yu, a contributor for Search Engine Land, wrote that PPC and SEO are both essential components of most search engine marketing campaigns. But which campaign should you spend more time on- SEO or PPC? Siteber recently created an infographic… > Read More