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How Luxury Apparel Retailer Halsbrook Turns Browsers Into Avid Fans

In 2009, The Wall Street Journal came out with an article referencing the “forgotten market” online. They were referring women ages 35+–but especially the… > Read More

Google RLSA

Why Advanced RLSA Audience Targeting Is Essential For Your Business

“The evolution of RLSA and advancing the technology and strategy on RLSA was a big talking point at the 2016 Search Marketing Expo & Conference,” Lewis… > Read More

dynamic search ads

How to Spur Growth & Efficiency Gains with Dynamic Search Ads

Utilizing DSAs to Drive High Quality Traffic Dynamic Search Ads allow advertisers to take advantage of Google’s improving search algorithms to drive high… > Read More


Announcing Remarketing Audiences for Google Search Ads

Remarketing Audiences for Google Search Ads Google recently announced retailers can use “audiences” (previously called remarketing lists) within Google Analytics to reach their… > Read More

PPC AdWords remarekting

Why You Should Implement Remarketing for Your Ecommerce Store [Infographic]

As brands are shifting some of their resources from SEO to PPC, Google is trying to cater to them with new Adwords features…. > Read More

Google Dynamic Remarketing

Everything You Need to Know About the Google Dynamic Remarketing Tag

Retargeting is a form of online advertising that targets shoppers who have already visited an online store. Merchants re-target or re-market shoppers who… > Read More

Remarketing Retargeting set up

6 Reasons to Set Up Google Dynamic Remarketing

Google Dynamic Remarketing is ecommerce focused retargeting program which runs on the Google Display network. Why Google Dynamic Remarketing? Is Google Dynamic Remarketing… > Read More

Google Dynamic Remarketing tag setup

Add The Google Dynamic Remarketing Tag To Your Site

The coolest thing about Google Dynamic Remarketing are the cookies. Unlike the cookie monster, Google waits on no cookie.  Google’s remarketing tag places… > Read More

Google Dynamic Remarketing Setup

Set Up A Google Dynamic Remarketing Campaign In 10 Minutes

Below are steps to set up a Google Dynamic Remarketing campaign in 10 minutes. Just enough time to boil some water for mac… > Read More

Google Dynamic Remarketing webinar video recording

Google Dynamic Remarketing Webinar Recording [Video]

Google Dynamic Remarketing Webinar: Getting Started And Management Tips Katen Raj, our Director of Business Development recorded a whopper of a webinar last… > Read More