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Are Snapchat Ads Worth the Investment?

If you look at Snapchat’s current revenue growth–from $58.7 million in December 2015 to $404.5 million just one year later–you’d have no idea this… > Read More


The Most Popular AdWords Announcements in 2016

Google Shopping, the Search Network, and AdWords as a whole have been the subject of plenty of change this year. We’ve seen the… > Read More

amazon in the news

Amazon in the News: 7 Changes That Impacted Sellers in 2016

Amazon’s been in the news a lot this year. From quiet backend keyword adjustments to a massive product review makeover, there isn’t much that hasn’t changed. All… > Read More

The 10 Biggest Facebook Advertising Announcements of 2016

Although Facebook may not be the first place people go to shop, it has quickly developed into a strong customer acquisition channel thanks to advanced… > Read More

amazon black friday 2017

What Happened on Amazon During Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016?

Internet Retailer estimates transactions on Amazon accounted for nearly 40% of online sales–or $4.74 billion–in the United States from November 24 – 28…. > Read More

amazon counterfeit

Amazon Finally Takes Legal Action Against Counterfeit Sellers

On Monday, Amazon filed a lawsuit against several sellers and companies in Florida, New York, and California who were involved in selling counterfeit… > Read More

dsn attack

Impact of the National DNS Website Attack on Retail Brands & Cart Providers

On Friday, hackers sent out two major “denial of service” (DDos) attacks, blocking access to dozens of major websites including Amazon, Paypal, Shopify, and… > Read More

google serp

Shopping Ads in the Google SERP Are Now Scrollable

Google’s search engine results page (SERP) has been the subject of quite a few ad layout changes this year. In February, the company… > Read More


The End of Amazon Incentivized Reviews – What’s Next?

Amazon no longer permits free or discounted products in exchange for reviews. According to the announcement on Monday, the Marketplace now prohibits incentivized reviews –… > Read More

facebook dynamic ads for retail

Will Facebook’s New Dynamic Ads for Retail Effectively Drive In-Store Conversions?

57% of shoppers prefer to make purchases in-store, but about 40% of shoppers prefer to research purchases on mobile, according to one 2016… > Read More