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Defining Co-Op Advertising

Print, digital, television, and radio advertising offer the ability to reach millions of consumers every day. Combined with the modern ease of creating marketing campaigns advertisers often overlook alternative advertising arrangements, such as co-op advertising. What is Co-Op Advertising? Simply stated, co-op advertising… > Read More


Meet Zavers, Google’s Solution for Increasing Customer Loyalty

What It Is Zavers (by Google) is a digital coupon service solution designed for retailers and manufacturers.  It focuses on 2 aspects of coupon promotion: creating and distributing digital coupons and making the coupon redemption process more efficient. Utilizing real time data,… > Read More


Google Shopping Holiday Roundup – What They’ve Done to Prepare for This Holiday Season

To gear up for this year’s Holiday Season, Google has been whipping out every tool in their belt to separate their comparison shopping engine from the rest. We shouldn’t be surprised either, considering Google has the resources to optimize their consumer experience… > Read More


Q&A with MixRank’s Jana Fung – Get a Leg Up on the Competition

One of the better known realities of the e-commerce world is that we strive to get ahead of our competitors, but we don’t always know how to do it.  Fortunately, it is very possible to scope out and get a leg ahead… > Read More