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Safeguards to Prevent Repricing Issues on Amazon

While platform wide issues with repricing are rare, they occur often enough that it is worth a retailers time and effort to create safeguards to prevent issues like this from jeopardize their Amazon Merchant account. Amazon has rolled out a relatively new feature… > Read More

Amazon RepricerExpress

Technical Glitch by RepricerExpress Costs Retailers Thousands

An hour long Amazon repricer technical glitch caused various Amazon sellers in the UK (and some in the US) to lose out on Amazon sales dollars this past Friday. Setting inventory prices to £0.01 (1 pence), and potentially impacting seller reviews- a major component… > Read More


Amazon Local Services: Online Shopping Game Changer?

In June Amazon quietly announced an extension of Amazon Local for services, through which shoppers are using Amazon to find the local businesses to that provide a broad number of ‘services’ across repair, installation, and other amenities. Amazon Local services, an Amazon feature… > Read More

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eBay vs. Amazon: Winning Online Retail Strategies

This is a guest post by Angelica Valentine, Content Marketing Manager at Wiser, the leading pricing intelligence suite.  Amazon and eBay are two giant platforms that online retailers use to maximize reach and sales. eBay is solely a marketplace, but Amazon also doubles as… > Read More


39 Questions From Our Amazon Sponsored Products Webinar – Answered

Last week, we partnered up with Amazon for a joint presentation on the strategy behind driving product discoverability and leveraging the revamped Sponsored Products program. There a lot of questions we didn’t get a chance to touch on, so here they are… > Read More


Amazon Marketplace Feedback Management: Removing Negative Feedback

Removing Negative Seller Feedback As mentioned in our last installment of this series, seller feedback is a direct driver of sales on the Marketplace via the Buy Box. If you have low feedback volume, just one negative review or low star rating can bring… > Read More

Amazon Product reviews

How to Deal with Amazon Review Trolls

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with someone who has never shopped on Amazon (yes they do exist). My first recommendation was to make a decision based on price- but mitigated by product reviews. Amazon reviews are a big part of… > Read More


Identifying Your Most Valuable Products on the Amazon Marketplace

Whether you have 100 or 10,000 SKUs, there are hidden opportunities in your Amazon catalog. The key to surfacing these areas for significant growth will be: A) Understanding when and where to focus on increasing product Buyability over Discoverability (and vice versa), and B)… > Read More

Amazon Fresh grocery delivery

Amazon Fresh Not so Fresh Feeling

This July, Amazon expanded its grocery delivery service Amazon Fresh to San Diego. Previously in Los Angeles, San Franciso, and Seattle, the service boasts same day shipping, a diverse selection, and the ability to shop with local eateries. Amazon Fresh, a grocery… > Read More


How Amazon Seller Feedback Affects Product Buyability

Unlike product feedback, seller feedback will directly affect your sales performance on the Amazon Marketplace through it’s influence on the Buy Box. If you haven’t figured it out by now, the Amazon Marketplace is highly seller agnostic. Most of the time, shoppers… > Read More