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Generating a Higher ROI with Amazon Marketing Services – Answered

Increasing ROI with Amazon Marketing Services Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) provides vendors with a number of different tools to help them stand out against their competition and drive traffic back to product detail & branded pages. But in order to see a stronger… > Read More


How to Generate a Higher ROI with Amazon Marketing Services – Course

Enhance Brand Discoverability & Product Demand Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) provides vendors with a number of different tools to help them stand out against their competition and drive traffic back to product detail & branded pages, but in order to see a… > Read More


Seller Angst Over New Amazon Return Dissatisfaction Rate

Impact of the Amazon Return Dissatisfaction Rate Amazon sellers are experiencing difficultly with a new performance metric within the Amazon Seller dashboard called the “Amazon Return Dissatisfaction Rate”. The latest metric, introduced earlier this week measures customer satisfaction on how customer returns are processed. The rating is based on… > Read More


How Product Bundling on Amazon Can Reduce Your Buy Box Competition

What is Product Bundling on Amazon? Aside from the fact that product bundles on Amazon provide value to shoppers, they are also a unique strategy for sellers to reduce their Buy Box competition. As seen in the example below, product bundling is offering… > Read More


How to Improve Your Amazon Ranking With Title Optimization

How Title Optimization Impacts Amazon Ranking Similar to Google’s search algorithm, Amazon has it’s own infrastructure that determines where your product will rank. The best way to think about Amazon’s search ranking is to envision yourself as the shopper. When shoppers are searching for a pair of “red… > Read More


Amazon Sponsored Products Introduces Bulk Uploads, Advanced Keyword Match & Negative Keywords

Introducing 3 New Sponsored Products Features Amazon’s Sponsored Products program has consistently proven to be a key way to increase visibility and the pillar of sophisticated third-party selling strategy.  As of October, the Amazon Sponsored Products (SP) program added 3 significant new features including… > Read More


What is the Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry 101 Amazon Brand Registry is a critical component for manufacturers on who want to gain better control over their product listings. The Amazon Brand Registry is only available to sellers who manufacture or sell their own branded products. Manufacturers… > Read More


Amazon Announces the Discontinuation of Amazon Text Ads

Amazon Text Ads Terminated It feels like just yesterday we announced the discontinuation of Amazon Product Ads and the introduction of Amazon Text Ads as an alternative for sellers to drive shoppers off Amazon and directly to their website. If it wasn’t clear before,… > Read More


15 Questions to Know to Increase Amazon Sales in Q4

How to Increase Amazon Sales This Holiday Season The holiday shopping season presents the biggest sales opportunity of the year for the vast majority of Amazon sellers. During these next several months, defining an aggressive strategy and the flawless execution of that approach… > Read More


Optimizing Your Amazon Sponsored Products Strategy – Video

Increase Profit with Amazon Sponsored Products For Amazon sellers looking to expand visibility on the marketplace, Amazon Sponsored Products is one of the most powerful tools sellers can leverage to increase profitability for their online store. Sponsored Products is an advertising platform on the… > Read More


The 2015 Fulfillment by Amazon Guide

How Professional Sellers Can Strategically Implement FBA