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Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Image Requirements

If you haven’t already checked out our blog announcement, EBC enables Brand Owner sellers to modify the product description field of their branded ASINs to… > Read More


Why Programmatic Technology Is Necessary for Amazon Sponsored Products Management

Most sellers understand that in order to thrive on the Amazon Marketplace, they will need to implement an advanced marketing strategy. In an ideal… > Read More

optimize amazon listings on mobile

How to Optimize Amazon Listings to Convert Mobile Shoppers

If you’re still just optimizing your Amazon listings for desktop, you’re behind. Amazon shoppers are using mobile more than ever. Recent reports indicate that Amazon’s… > Read More

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Amazon Sales Tax Compliance: What FBA Sellers Should Know

A major challenge for any ecommerce business owner is managing their sales tax compliance. Understanding collection requirements, configuring your shopping cart or marketplace, managing… > Read More

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Enhanced Brand Content Improves Conversion Rate for Polaris Optics

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) allows Brand Registered Sellers to showcase the unique value proposition of their products through vivid images and text placements…. > Read More

ppc scope brian johnson interview

PPC Scope’s Brian Johnson Shares Expert Advice on Amazon Sponsored Products

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of Amazon PPC or you’ve been in it since the early days–there’s always more to… > Read More


Amazon Health & Personal Care: Why is It So Hard to Get Approved?

If you started selling products in the Amazon Health and Personal Care category in 2013, you’d barely recognize the process to start selling on… > Read More


What is the Amazon Subscribe and Save Program & Is it Worth it for Sellers?

Founded in 2007, the Amazon Subscribe & Save program allows Amazon customers to sign up for regular deliveries of products they use frequently including… > Read More

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Chinese Manufacturers: Sourcing Advice for U.S. Amazon Sellers

There’s a reason Chinese manufacturers are ranked #1 in the world. Many U.S. Amazon sellers rely on Chinese manufacturers to get cheap prices… > Read More


How to Advertise on Amazon in Q1 2017

For most retail brands January 2017 is going to be a smaller month (in terms of sales volume) than December 2016. But for… > Read More