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Amazon Mobile vs. Desktop: Differences in Product Visibility

A Comparison of Product Visibility Across Amazon Mobile and Desktop Do you know how your products show up on the Amazon mobile site vs. your desktop? Even if you don’t, your customers do, and it could affect their purchasing decisions. Today, we’re going… > Read More


Maximizing Your Vendor Relationship with Amazon

Strategies & Programs for Amazon Vendors For many brands, the relationship with Amazon is purely transactional – PO’s predictably come and go like clockwork. Yet few brands approach Amazon as the huge growth opportunity that it is by taking more control over… > Read More


A Review of the Amazon Launchpad Program

What is Amazon Launchpad? Today, the digital retail industry is as prominent as ever. With the likes of crowdfunding platforms, venture capitalist firms, and seed accelerators, startups have a plethora of resources at their disposal. While the process of turning concept into… > Read More

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What is Amazon Retail Analytics ARA Premium?

Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA) Premium Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA) Premium is an add-on suite of additional reports which Vendors have access to through Vendor Central. These reports provide information regarding: Customer Behavior Sales Geographic Performance Operations Market Trends Customer Reviews   As seen… > Read More


Should Apparel Brands Sell on Amazon?

What Should Apparel Brands Consider Before Selling on the Amazon Marketplace? The discussion of whether apparel brands should sell their products on Amazon continues to evoke conflicting opinions from retail experts. According to a recent announcement, Gap is just one of the latest… > Read More

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What Are Amazon Business Reports?

What are Amazon Business Reports? Amazon Business Reports provide sellers with valuable data to influence their advertising strategy. Although Amazon practitioners focus mostly on detailed reports including Advertising Based Reports, Inventory Reports, Fulfillment Reports, and Inventory Health, CEOs are more likely to analyze high account level aggregate reports like the Sales Dashboard or Sales… > Read More

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How to Optimize Your Amazon SEO & Product Content

Amazon SEO & Product Content Series As most Amazon sellers already know, optimizing product content is an intentional strategy that can have a direct impact on their product(s) organic search ranking. Unfortunately, defining your product content submission strategy is one of the more perplexing aspects of… > Read More

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Improving Your Sponsored Products Strategy for Amazon Prime Day

2016 Amazon Prime Day: Sponsored Products Despite consumer complaints over last year’s Amazon’s ‘Prime Day’, Amazon sellers still saw a dramatic increase in incremental revenue on this day with millions of consumers flocking to Amazon. With the increased traffic to Amazon on this… > Read More

Amazon Prime Day Best Seller Practices

Amazon Prime Day Best Seller Practices for 2016

Amazon Prime Day Best Seller Practices Amazon Prime Day is likely to be one of the biggest selling days for the Amazon Marketplace. In contrast to last year, when many sellers did not know how to prepare for the rise in traffic… > Read More

How to Protect Your Amazon Product Listings & Brand Name

Protect Your Amazon Product Listings & Brand As a brand selling on Amazon, you may find yourself fighting off unauthorized sellers while Amazon turns the other way. While there is no ‘silver bullet’ for brand protection on Amazon, there are many strategic approaches… > Read More