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amazon canada

How to Start Selling on Amazon Canada

Selling on Amazon Canada Canada has a reputation for lagging behind the U.S. in ecommerce–and it doesn’t help that 59% of Canadian small businesses didn’t even have a website in 2015. And let’s not even talk about the recent Canadian Union of… > Read More

UPC Codes

Amazon UPC Codes 101

What are Amazon UPC Codes? As an Amazon seller, you should already be familiar with UPC codes and what they entail. There is only one legitimate producer of Amazon UPC codes that exists globally, GS1. GS1 (Global Standard 1) is a non… > Read More

amazon prime day 2016 recap

Amazon Prime Day 2016 Expert Recap & Seller Takeaways

Amazon Prime Day 2016 Expert Recap Referred to as the “biggest day in the history of Amazon”, Amazon Prime Day 2016 on July 12th increased customer orders more than 60 percent worldwide compared to the event last year. In the U.S. alone –… > Read More

amazon a+ content

What is Amazon A+ Content?

Introduction to Amazon A+ Content for Vendors Amazon A+ Content also known as enhanced content is an extended version of the basic product description. This elevated content includes scannable text that explains the features and benefits of a product. Vendors have the option to… > Read More


SOLO Eyewear on the Impact of FBA & Amazon Prime Shipping

SOLO Eyewear on FBA & Amazon Prime Shipping We spoke with SOLO Eyewear, an environmentally responsible sunglasses company that currently leverages Amazon Prime’s vast user base to advertise their products to millions of shoppers worldwide. SOLO Eyewear was founded when Jenny Amaraneni partnered with her… > Read More

amazon vendor express

Should Sellers Use Amazon Vendor Express?

Amazon Vendor Express vs. Seller Central vs. Vendor Central Amazon has successfully cemented itself as the dominant online marketplace, allowing both brands and sellers to offer products to an ever-growing customer base. Seller Central is the default platform for new members, but Amazon Vendor Express and… > Read More


Maximizing Your Amazon Product Discoverability via Content Optimization

Amazon Product Discoverability & Content Optimization A huge trend we see today is that compelling product content not only improves your overall organic ranking & discoverability, but it also has a direct impact on Sponsored Product advertisements. It’s no question that optimizing the… > Read More

amazon prime day 2016

The Amazon Prime Day Seller Plan of Action

Amazon Prime Day 2016: The Seller’s Plan of Action Amazon Prime Day is likely to be one of the biggest selling days for Amazon Sellers. This year, Amazon is being much more selective with the products they’ll promote on Prime Day so that they… > Read More

man worried about list prices on computer screen

Should Amazon Sellers Worry About List Price Removal?

How Amazon’s List Price Removal Will Affect Sellers In case you haven’t heard, Amazon has been testing eliminating list prices—a.k.a. the “suggested retail price”—on product pages. On Amazon, list prices look like this:     Here’s an example of a product description without… > Read More

amazon's choice

Amazon’s Choice: Order Amazon Prime Products with Echo

What is Amazon’s Choice? Amazon’s Choice is a label applied to products that can be directly purchased from Amazon Echo (i.e., by voice command). In the past, Amazon Echo (aka Alexa – the Echo AI) could only reorder items that a customer had already purchased…. > Read More