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How to Make Amazon Landing Page Promotions That Actually Convert

Successful brands know it’s not enough to rely 100% on Amazon for marketing and selling success. That’s why sellers that have already started building a brand beyond Amazon are at a distinct advantage when it comes to driving product conversions on Amazon–particularly… > Read More

Vendors Respond to Customer Reviews via Amazon Official Contributions Program

Amazon Official Contributions is a program that allows vendors to respond / answer questions about their products directly with their customers. According to Amazon, the program empowers manufacturers and vendors of Amazon to communicate with their customers in an official capacity through comments on Customer… > Read More

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Amazon Seller Tools & Services Master List

The Amazon Seller Tools & Services Master List is 40 of the most well-known Amazon Seller tools and services ranging from inventory management to repricing solutions and multichannel selling. This list is meant to provide a general outline for the tools and services Amazon sellers… > Read More


How Can Sellers Succeed Without Incentivized Reviews on Amazon?

Amazon has a reputation for making swift changes to their TOS, and this past year has been especially full of them–from Amazon’s brand gating enforcement to the most recent “incentivized review” ban. Let’s talk about the latest one–the incentivized review ban. What’s… > Read More

How Amazon Vendors Transition to Third Party Sellers

As an agency, we’re seeing a growing number of Amazon vendors shift to the 3P side of business. But why? To start, third party sellers have more control over their products via pricing & inventory. But the vendor to 3P transition isn’t always a walk in… > Read More

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The Smart Brand’s Guide to Negotiating Amazon Trading Terms

 Whether you just received an email from an Amazon buyer inviting you to become a Vendor or you’re a seasoned Vendor considering backing out of your agreement, you should know that you have the ability to negotiate your Amazon trading terms and… > Read More


The End of Amazon Incentivized Reviews – What’s Next?

Amazon no longer permits free or discounted products in exchange for reviews. According to the announcement on Monday, the Marketplace now prohibits incentivized reviews – unless they are facilitated through the Amazon Vine program. Now, the biggest concern is how the update will impact review… > Read More


How to Get Your Brand Gated on Amazon, According to a Lawyer

Recently, we shared a post covering the truth about Amazon’s new Brand Gating policy, and how it will affect sellers. We got floods of questions from private labeler and brand manufacturers in response, all asking one thing: How can I get my products… > Read More


The 2016 Amazon Average CPC by Category Report

As Amazon continues to gain traction and dominate the shopping market against channels such as Google Shopping and retailers like Wal-Mart, reports indicate a reflected rise in Amazon’s average cost-per-click (CPC). According to the latest data (below), Sponsored Products average CPC continues to get more expensive. Which should come… > Read More


Do Verified Reviews on Amazon Have a Bigger Impact on Rank Than Non-Verified Reviews?

UPDATE: Amazon Announces the End of Incentivized Reviews Of all the factors that go into Amazon’s algorithm for ranking products, reviews come to mind first for a lot of sellers.   Reviews directly impact your product rating, and in conjunction with other factors,… > Read More