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Amazon Previews Revolutionary Delivery Drones, Amazon Prime Air

Amazon introduced a gamechanger Sunday night when 60 Minutes featured founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. Bezos let us in on a look at the future of Amazon fulfillment by previewing Amazon Prime Air, a system that utilizes autonomous drones to deliver packages… > Read More

Google marketplace, interview

Would You Shop on Google’s Marketplace?

At CPC Strategy we’re all about creating some order out of the chaos that is ecommerce marketing. In addition to creating content which illuminates, we love to share and discuss ecommerce news. This week, our COO came across an interview with Google… > Read More

Amazon Marketplace Fee, how much will you pay?

Amazon Selling Fees: How Much Will You Pay to Sell on The Amazon Marketplace?

The reality of online shopping is that most online purchase queries start on ecommerce marketplaces like The Amazon Marketplace is known for its high traffic volume and conversion rate, making it a top marketing channel for online retailers. If you’re interested in setting up… > Read More


10 Ways to Leverage Multi Channel Retailing For Dynamic Revenue Streams

Multi Channel Retailing: The Present and Future of Ecommerce Multi channel retailing is more relevant today than it was a decade ago. This is because the ecommerce space, particularly the holiday shopping season, is a war zone that now has more soldiers… > Read More


The Future of Google PLAs?

Just before Google’s Q2 2013 earnings came out, Business Insider examined the “massive revenue driver” that is Google Product Listing Ads. Here are the key takeaways of their analysis: close to 10,000 U.S. advertisers are now on Google PLAs (and rising) PLAs… > Read More


Google vs. Amazon: 2013 Revenue

Google and Amazon both recently announced their Q2 2013 performance metrics. This quarter, Q2 2013, Amazon saw a 22% sales increase, while Google reported a 19% increase in revenue. Here is an interesting look at how to spend Google’s yearly revenue, if… > Read More


Amazon Shuts Down Wine, Beer and Spirit Merchants

If you are an online merchant who sells wine, beer or other alcoholic beverages on Amazon Product Ads, you likely got a rude awakening on Amazon this month. Or you’re likely to get one soon. Beer, wine, and spirits no longer eligible… > Read More

Login with Amazon signin

Login With Amazon: What It Means For Online Merchants

Login With Amazon: User Friend Or Merchant Foe? Amazon announced today its new sign in service Login with Amazon, a program designed to allow Amazon members to sign into other sites using Amazon’s username and password. Login with Amazon would allow online shoppers… > Read More

What is an Ecommerce Marketpalce?

Ecommerce Marketplace: What is the Amazon Marketplace, and How Does it Work?

Ecommerce Marketplaces are a great place for online merchants to expand their product visibility outside of comparison engines and their own websites. Amazon, a major online marketplace for ecommerce merchants, alone generated $21.07 billion in revenue for Q4 2012, and a total revenue… > Read More


How Amazon Product Ads Stacked Up Against the Competition in Q4 2012

  Our 2012 Q4 CSE Rankings was an exciting one for us at CPC Strategy.  Not only did we get to dive into the numbers from the holiday season, but we also got to see how Google’s shift to a paid model affected… > Read More