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Carousel Ads for Instagram Stories

New Carousel Ads for Instagram Stories Testing Begins

Starting this month, (select) advertisers will have access to Facebook’s latest beta program: Carousel Ads for Instagram Stories. According to the announcement, the… > Read More

instagram tools

15 Instagram Ecommerce Tools for the Brand Owner

In the last few years, Instagram has undergone a major transformation, and is now one of the foremost marketing tools in the ecommerce… > Read More

set up instagram ads in power editor

How to Create Instagram Ads in Power Editor

Instagram ads give retailers and brands the opportunity to reach 600 million people–26% of whom earn a salary of 75K+. And the best… > Read More

A Deep Dive into Instagram Insights & Analytics

Analytics are vital to solid strategy, be it in marketing, advertising or just business in general. Through analytics, we can measure how our… > Read More

Carousel Ads for Instagram Stories

What Every Business Should Know About Instagram Stories Ads

In January 2017, Instagram Stories Advertising was launched as a new way to place full size, targeted ads on Instagram for businesses. These… > Read More

The Impact of Instagram Dynamic Ads and Custom Audiences for Advertisers

Announcing Dynamic Ads for Instagram Facebook recently announced a variety of product updates to Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network to give advertisers new… > Read More

How to Grow Your Brand on Instagram: Q&A with Blenders Eyewear

Successful Brand Marketing Through Instagram Chase Fisher and Blake Jensen were neighbors in their last semester of college in San Diego when they decided to… > Read More


Instagram & Pinterest Buy Button: Empowering Retailers With ‘Action-Oriented’ Formats

Instagram Buy Button: Instagram has become one of the largest social media platforms, gathering more than 300 million users in less than 5… > Read More