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4 Bid Rules You Should Be Running on Google Shopping

Google Shopping & Rule Based Bidding Unfortunately, a lot of advertisers don’t utilize rule-based bidding strategies to optimize their Google Shopping campaigns as much as… > Read More

google expanded text ads

A Look at the New Google Expanded Text Ads

Google Expanded Text Ads, Responsive Ads, and Device Bid Adjustments Updated Post: Analyzing Early Performance Results of Expanded Text Ads In May, Google… > Read More

What is TrueView’s YouTube Companion Banner?

The YouTube Companion Banner is a new TrueView for Shopping video advertising feature that allows viewers to scroll through a variety of products while… > Read More

google showcase shopping

Google Showcase Shopping Ads for Broad & Non-Branded Queries

Google Showcase Shopping Ads for Broad Queries Starting this week, Shopping advertisers in the US, UK and Australia will have access to Google’s new ad… > Read More

customer match for google shopping

Advertisers on the Impact of Customer Match for Google Shopping

Customer Match for Google Shopping Thanks to the introduction of Customer Match for Google Shopping – advertisers can focus campaigns on their highest-value audiences – including previous… > Read More


10 Google Shopping Mistakes Draining Your Budget

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been using the program since its early days–no one is exempt from making mistakes on Google… > Read More

How To Drive Google Shopping Results via Product Feed Optimization

Advanced Strategies to Enhance Your Product Feed As many ecommerce marketing executives find out the hard way – when launching on Google Shopping,… > Read More

Tipsy Elves on Shark Tank Success & 2016 Apparel Expansion

Tipsy Elves: The Shark Tank Apparel Success Who could forget when the founders of Tipsy Elves – Evan Mendelsohn and Nicklaus Morton presented their ugly sweater… > Read More

How to Effectively Target Search Queries in Google Shopping

Target Search Queries in Google Shopping Google Shopping success has always been dependent on data feed quality and a smart product-level bidding approach,… > Read More

google shopping bidding by device

Introducing Google Shopping Bidding By Device

Google Shopping Bidding By Device Thanks to a recent announcement from the 2016 Google Shopping Performance Summit, advertisers will have more control and flexibility… > Read More

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