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4 Bid Rules You Should Be Running on Google Shopping

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How to Apply Automation to Your Google Shopping Strategy

Google Shopping Management & Programmatic Rules Most retailers and brands agree that every product deserves to be treated as it’s own business, but managing… > Read More

programmatic bidding

Programmatic Bidding for Google Shopping Advertisers

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Why Google Shopping Advertisers Should Use Performance-based Custom Labels

Custom Label Management Custom labels are considered one of the most valuable attributes that marketers can use to reduce cost of sale (COS) and… > Read More

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A Programmatic Approach to Google Shopping Management

How Automation Empowers Google Shopping Management Most retailers and brands agree that every product deserves to be treated as it’s own business, but… > Read More

Google Search Partners, Analysis of Traffic for Google Shopping

Google Search Partners: Google Shopping Traffic Last year, Google provided advertisers with an option to enable their PLAs to show on site search results pages across the… > Read More


How Google Shopping Custom Labels Impact Your Campaign Strategy

Custom Labels, proven to put Shopping campaigns in the best position to succeed – are considered one of the most valuable attributes that marketers can use to reduce COS and… > Read More

Accurately Represent Your Products with Google Manufacturer Center

Introducing the Google Manufacturer Center Update: Learn how to upload your data feed into the Manufacturer Center Manufacturer product data, such as images, descriptions… > Read More

Is Exact Match Targeting Possible in Google Shopping?

What is Exact Match Targeting? According to Google, exact match targeting is a keyword setting that allows an ad to show only when someone searches… > Read More

Bing Product Ads Catalog from Bing feed

10 Insider Tips To Seamlessly Use Your Google Feed for Bing Shopping Product Ads

Bing unleashed the Bing Product Ads program this March, which features Bing Product Ads with images to the right of search on Bing SERPs: For… > Read More