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Data Talk: Q&A With Jon Wilson Partner of Retail Scientifics

As Chief Data Scientist and Partner at Retail Scientifics LLC, Jonathan L. Wilson, PhD thrives on helping his clients like Petco, solve computationally intensive problems… > Read More

PIM software

15 Leading Product Information Management Software Solutions for Retailers

As your retail business expands, keeping track of product data can get increasingly more difficult. All the SKUs, descriptions, pricing information – it… > Read More

Google inventory for more sales

Data Quality Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore on Google Shopping

Selling on Google? Selling on Amazon? Selling anywhere online? It all starts with good product data. Your inventory data is your foundation for… > Read More

data feed audit for Google Shopping

8 Ways To Get More Revenue With Your Google Shopping Data Feed This Holiday

For Q4 shopping is projected to grow 15% to generate $61 billion in online revenue. Of the places you can sell online, Google… > Read More

Google family safe products

6 Things That Can Get You Kicked Off Google

Google has a reputation for kicking merchants off of Google Shopping without much context or explanation. Two major reasons ecommerce merchants products don’t… > Read More

Google Shopping Q4 and halloween

Must Have October Feed Updates

Is your Google Shopping campaign ready for the winter season? You may think you’re ready for Q4, but there is also October and… > Read More

Q4 Sales Gods Say, “Please The Feed”

Every year, we see CSE revenues range from as little as 5% to as much as 60% of total revenues for our clients…. > Read More

Google Shopping Data Feed Takedowns

September 19, 2013 was a very bad morning for many retailers on Google PLAs. It seemed that Google chose to use a broad-sword… > Read More

Don’t Miss Out On Q4 Sales: Check Out The Shopping Feed Guide

For the winter, my metabolism and oxygen consumption will drop by 75% while I hibernate. Take a number ladies. You on the other hand,… > Read More

Shopping feed management lies

Shopping Feed Management: You’re Doing It Wrong

If you’re a Southpark fan, there’s a great episode about toilets and how to sit on them. It’s a great (albeit interesting) example… > Read More

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